some useful shortcut commands in Internet explorer

<F4> Show address list history

<F5> Refresh

<Ctrl><F5> Refresh cached page

<F6> Select URL in address bar (type in new address)

<F11> Full-Screen view (toggle)

<Ctrl><Enter> adds "www" and ".com" around the typed text in the address bar

<Alt><Home> Go to your Home Page
<Alt><Left Arrow>
<Backspace> Back one page in browser history
<Alt><Right Arrow>
Go forward one page in browser history

<Ctrl> F Find text on the web page

<Ctrl> N Open new browser window

<Ctrl> P Print page

<Ctrl> I Show favorites (toggle)

<Ctrl> H Show history (toggle)

<Ctrl> D Adds current page to favorites

<Ctrl> B Organize favorites

<Shift><Click link> Open link in new window