DJ Narrows - Beyond Kontakt album announced - Free prequel mix download

UK garage was taken by storm back in 2001 when one of the scene's main evangelists DJ EZ dropped a new sound on us. Saved Souls was a genre breaking dark 4x4 UK garage track that consistently destroyed dance floors for years, and was the tune that broke DJ Narrows onto the UK garage scene.

Narrows brought us a few dance floor fillers over the years with tracks like Dreams, Want it back, and more notably his resurrection remix of the Corrupted Cru classic featuring MC Neat - G.A.R.A.G.E.

Last summer Narrows was signed to UKG veteran Scott Garcia's label Kronik Music with one aim, to bring the people more Narrows.

Scott said "When we signed Narrows we weren't sure what to do with him. We quickly became aware that he had so much material that it justifies an album. We wanted to put the old Narrows sound to bed and showcase his new stuff."

Scott decided that the best way to do this would be to put out a prelude mix to the album - Beyond Kontakt - to smooth the transition between old and new.

"We decided to put out a preview to promote the album. The prelude is a mix CD with about 5 or 6 new Narrows tracks mixed with his classic sound" Scott said. "The album will be 20 tracks plus, all unmixed."

He continued "Narrows' production has come a long way since the days with Morph. It's still in the same vein as garage, with other influences such as rave and breaks. It's a sort of mish-mash of genres and is very futuristic."

Scott also hinted that Narrows' love of Japanese animé comes through with a "Manga" theme to the album.

As far as formats go, the album will be a CD and MP3 release. There was also hint of a limited vinyl run of some of the tracks featuring remixes from the likes of Horsepower and El-B.

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