Mr. L'apes "Skunk Burner"
Style: Breaks
Label: Subtribe Records
Release date: 08/04/09

a. Original Mix
b. BreakZhead Remix
c. Breaking News Remix

Mr. L’apes was born in the depths of the jungle. Feeling unfulfilled from jungle life and jealous of the smaller apes swinging in the trees, getting all the best bananas and ultimately the birds, he decided to jack it all in. After much persuasion, he secured a loan from the monkey militia and traded his life in the jungle for the much hyped bedroom in England. Things were far from what they seemed when he arrived, and he was furious with Mowgli and his lies of life outside the jungle.

Working out he needed to work to live, he finally managed to land a job fruit picking. Naturally, Mr L’apes excelled, regularly being voted no.1 picker by all the immigrants, and still holds pretty much every record at the farm. But it was here that Mr L’apes first discovered music. It had a beat, they called it dance, and he was hooked. Mesmerized by this sound and wanting a piece of the action, he made a trip home - sorted out mowgli - and cut his ties with the milita, in order to set-up a bigger, better loan with the big cat coalition. While this caused chaos in the jungle, he arrived back in England all the richer, bought a computer, stocked up on bananas, locked the door and sat down on his tyre to work.

Being introduced to the internet, he has decided to share some of his music with the world. Enjoy.

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