Hey all...

How you are doing? Hope things are well and that you have booked up your

Just want to let you know that my two new UK Garage tunes "Summertime"
ft. MC VIP and Andy T, and also "Don't Screw Around" ft. MC VIP and Lady
G are now available for download exclusively at www.ukgmp3.co.uk

To have a little listen to the tracks, just click below:


Just want to thank all the dj's for plugging the two tunes regularly
over the last couple of months, and also out to all the listeners who
have been requesting it. Your support is so important! Please watch out
for a bassline remix of "Summertime" coming soon from DJ Caution. Also,
a bassline remix of "Don't Screw Around" is being organised right now
too.... So... watch his space.....

Please don't forget that you can also pick up exclusive downloads of my
other 2008 recent UK Garage tunes "Finally" and "All Good Vibez" both
ft. MC M-R-T on the same site - and also, the previous tunes that I released
in 2007!

Again, there will be a bassline remix of "All Good Vibez" and "Finally"
coming very soon to the airwaves.....

Just want to big up all the Force FM 106.5 listeners, who have been
absolutely fantastic. I have now been on Force for over two months and
the listener base has been grown strong, despite my show being on a
Sunday morning at 2am-3.30am - but the amount of people that lock in on
their way home after a night out, or people that are still up if they've
stayed in, is absolutely amazing! You guys are the proper soldiers! I
remember doing a marathon set on Force recently from 2am until 7am, and
the phone was still blazing!!! But remember, you can lock in to my show
every Sunday at 2am-3.30am, alternatively, you can listen in via the web
at www.forcefm.net

Also, if you get a chance, log in to www.youtube.com and either type in
"DJ Ade" or "adewaxfm" to check out the new video clips of myself and MC
M-R-T guesting on DJ Laren's UK Flow.tv show recently, as well as other
video material...

Shouts out to DJ Laren for hosting a wicked interview for me and M-R-T -
check out the video for the jokes, the laughs and the thoughts....



Also, we had a chance to perform two massive live PAs of "Finally" and
"All Good Vibez", which went down extremely well with the UK Flow.tv
listeners!! Massive respect to them..... The videos are below:



Finally.... just want to remind you that all my tracks can be downloaded
exclusively at www.ukgmp3.co.uk - all your support is greatly
appreciated! Watch out for more tracks coming soon from over towards the
end of summer, from all different artists.... for more information on
shows and forthcoming releases, remember to log in to www.dj-ade.co.uk
or you can find me on facebook as "deejay ade"!

Take care and have a wicked summer!

DJ Ade