Nicholas Laurence G is in high school but his part-time job is directing music videos for FookMovie (Fook Movie Videos), the visual production division of Golosio Publishing. He sees his age as an advantage. "Most music videos I see are like some Hollywood director's idea of what's unusual," G says, "but ours are really strange. Of course, for us, strange is normal."

G's video to "Thorne" (from the Electro Bop album) is loaded with symbolism that is both religious and psychological. Images in the video deal with concepts as varied as birth, death, baptism, violence, sex, repression, molestation, resurrection, and redemption.

For the video to "Go Through the Secret Door" (from the Jonny Harmonic album), G assembled a psychedelic collage of money, mysterious hooded figures, decorated skulls, guitars and keyboards thrashing underwater, a pixilated dance sequence from 1938, and a strange close-up of a face partially covered with two dozen clothes pins.

His video to "Keyboard Flavor Monkey" (from the Burning Fan Soundscapes album) takes a humorous approach, with an obviously fake gorilla playing a variety of expensive custom guitars and cheap plastic keyboards, plus images of the big monkey performing human tasks like driving around town, typing or brushing one's teeth.

Serving as editor on "Put it Where You Want It" for Euro dance artist Giannetta Marconi was a side project that helped him focus on his main goal. "I don't mind editing, but its better when you can also direct the project." What's on the horizon for G? FookMovie has many more videos planned for 2009, several of which will involve Nick as editor and/or director. "Doing both is hard work and very time consuming, but its good fun," G states.

The FookMovie Web site has all of the company's videos in Quicktime with links to the videos on YouTube and Veoh. Combining visual poetry, surrealism and performance art, the music videos of Nicholas Laurence G are a featured attraction of FookMovie. A Los Angeles-based collective of artists, musicians and videographers, FookMovie has completed an average of one video per week since opening in April of 2008. Musicians and bands with FookMovie videos include Scott Joss and Doug Colosio, The G-Man, James Sotelo, Jonny Harmonic, Country-Fried Funk, and Giannetta Marconi.

Scott G of FookMovie; 818-223-8486.
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YouTube video to "Thorne":
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