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January blues settling in? Well 1Xtra has just the remedy for you: the UKG M1X Show with the Bassline Don, DJ Q! This week with EXCLUSIVE tracks from Bass Boy, Emvee ft K Dot, First Born, Burgaboy, TS7 and a load from Screama.

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Where were you born?


Your favourite hobby and/or present as a kid and why

I’ve always been into music from being young. That’s probably because I was brought up in a musical family. Other than that, I’d say playing computer games and playing football.

How you got into being a DJ/presenter

I started off buying records that weren’t available at the time on CD. As my collection grew I bought some proper decks and started DJing in my bedroom and slowly progressed to playing at parties and clubs.

Your biggest influence(s)

My dad as he was into music and my mum, she’s a big inspiration.

What are your key achievements?

One of my key achievements was joining 1Xtra as a presenter.

Name a tune that you love or inspires you

Double 99 – Rip Groove and Tina Moore – Never Gonna Let You Go. These two tunes got me into the whole garage genre. Another big UKG tune for me was Saved Souls by DJ Narrows. At the time that came out it was totally different to everything else that was going on in the UKG scene, dark 4x4, just how I like it!

Your dream gig or collaboration

I’d love to play to masses of people, crowds of 10,000 people plus. As for collaboration it’d have to be producing for Alicia keys, her voice is out of this world!

Interests / hobbies outside music

Hobbies outside of music would be, playing computer games, shopping (even though I need to stop spending), going to the gym and eating.

Three rules you live your life by

Be original,
Stay focused,
Always keep a level head

If you ran the country what would you change/initiate?.

I’d get rid of taxes!! I hate paying em.. ha

What's your weakness?

I don’t do weaknesses!!

Favourite piece of clothing and why?

Any pair of trainers! My hallway is like Footlocker.

What has been your favourite year so far? And why?

There’s been a few! Definitely 2004, that was when I joined the station and when I had my first release on vinyl. Another would definitely have to be 2007; this was the year when Bassline hit the mainstream. Big up T2 and Jodie on the Heartbroken tune!

0200 – 0230

Burgaboy – Let Me Know
Malika – Go (Booda Remix)
Addictive – Where Did Our Luv Go? (T2 Remix)
Screama – Gangsters
A [dot] R ft Sacha – Bedroom Lies
TS7 ft Sarah Jane – Touch Me
Burgaboy ft Teresa – I Don’t Wanna Cry
Sub Zero ft Miss Marriot – Me, Myself & I
Bass Boy ft Dom – Listen to Me
Jamie Duggan Meets Da Booda – Moving Too Fast

0230 – 0330

Zibba ft Carla Thomas – Foolin’ Around
Sub Zero ft Ideal – My Boo
Screama – Don’t Make Sense
First Born ft Jordy – Into You
Zibba – Faithful
Witty Boy – I Want You
T2 ft H Boogie – On The Floor
The Score – We Got You (Nev Wright Remix)
TRC ft Zoe – You
Zibba – The One
Kid Cudi – Day N Nite (Agent X Remix)
Tinee Tempah – Tears (Burgaboy Remix)
Nastee Boi ft Z.O. – Low Remix
First Born ft Tamzin + MNT – Fun Fair
Charisma – Boy is Mine
Sacha – No Means No (Zibba Remix)
G FamftPrincess – Frontline (Two Face remix)
Bass Boy ft Kaylee – Why Does This Hurt Me?

0330 – 0430

Booda ft Becky Rhodes – Cheeky Things
Virgo ft J Star – Good Times
TS7 ft Bianca G – Tired of Waiting
Beezy – Get Drunk (Agent X Remix)
Wideboys – Close to Midnight
Dub Melitia – Baby Girl
Sub Zero ft Sacha – Be With Me
Screama – Hell No
TRC ft Kaye – You Changed
Addictive – Right There (Burgaboy Remix)
H ‘Two’ O ft Miss Fire - Falling
Sweet FA – Flowers (Jamie Duggan Meets Da Booda)
T2 – Butterflies (TS7 Remix)
First Born ft Meesha – Never Let You Go
Zibba ft Lem – You Don’t Know
DVA ft Alahna – I’m Leaving (TRC Remix)
TS7 – I Can Feel It Too
Burgaboy ft D’Votion – Electric Girl
24K ft K Dot – Rudeboy
Bass Boy ft Miss Marriot – Only You

0430 – 0530

DJ Q – Fear (Sub Zero Remix)
Brett Maverick – Dirty Dinner
SKT – The Worst of Love
Mark Dwayne – In Love Again (DJ Q Remix)
Sub Zero – Cum Wid The Dance
Jenna G – Fly (Sub Zero Remix)
Fawcett – Wacky Riddim
Burgaboy ft Dinah – Goodbye
Pyper ft Laura Lexus – Falling Down
T2 – Chocolate
Virgo – Hypnosis Intergalactic
Sub Zero – Whatt 2
DJ Q ft MC Bonez – Back It Up (Bassline Remix)
Alex Mills – Beyond Words
TS7 – All Night Long
A [dot] R ft Ruth – Make Up Your Mind ‘09
TRC + Merkury – Peter Pan
Bass Boy ft Dom – Right Now
Charisma – Tonight
Booda ft Simone + Tez Kid – No More Calls
Deckstar – Sandsnake
Sub Zero ft Sacha – Sweet Revenge
Screama – Hopstep
Emvee ft K Dot – Champz Deya

0530 – 0600

TS7 ft Sarah Jane – Struggle
Bass Boy ft Lem – Your Love
Mr Bass – Oh My
Jamie Duggan Meets Da Booda ft Tez Kid – I Know
Big Ang – Wifey
Charisma – Breathe
Witty Boy ft Alex Mills – You Say You Love Me
TRC + Z.O. – Bad Boy Tunes

Dj Q - saturday 0200-0600

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