Hi the arcades have been upgraded to the latest version January release ibProArcade v2.6.8+ all the classic games are now submitting scores and all the known bugs have been fixed this should give you a better retro gaming experience some new games have been added plus some old and new remakes from the old classic arcade machines from back in the early 80's other conversions of snes and sega megga drive titles have been converted over to the new flash platform, there are also some new original flash titles never seen before on any arcade or console, most of the games can be played with mouse joystick and keyboard, for joystick support you can use software on your PC called total game control this will allow you to map the keys from the keyboard straight on your pad or joystick any way stop reading this and get in the arcades you can create new tournaments and challenge your mates at work or at home enjoy and remember to have lots of fun.