Platinum Blue Music Intelligence, Inc is in limited release of its new Music Xray platform that helps song owners:

- Measure a Song's Market Potential
- Monitor Internet Activity and Demand
- Professionally Move Your Music
- Professionally Present Your Songs

This "must-see" widget-like application contains a stack of unique and customizable modules the provide a variety of free and premium features.

Artists, labels, bands, songwriters and producers are invited to take it for a test drive and Music Xray is crediting each new account with $10 to apply to premium services.

Stop shopping your tired band profile page within the music industry.

Join the future for FREE.
Launch - Music Xray

Free stuff that comes with every Music Xray:

*Every Music Xray is accessible through a unique and permanent URL.

*Every Music Xray URL can be bookmarked or emailed just like a web page.

*Every Music Xray can be embedded into websites or blogsites.

*You have complete control over which modules are open and private.

*The Song Info Module - presents basic info about a song, including links.

*The Song Player Module - is a music player for a single song.

*Lyrics Module - presents lyrics.

*Songwriter Notes Module - presents songwriter notes.

*Image Module - displays an image that represents a song.

*YouTube Video Module - showcases a YouTube video.

*The License Module - displays Creative Commons and/or custom licensing terms.

*The Artist Info Module - presents information about an artist.

*The Share Module - enables easy sharing and embedding.

*The Comments Module - enables blog-style comments for each song.

*A Music Xray is simply the best way to professionally showcase and submit songs within the music industry.

Premium stuff that comes with every unlocked Music Xray:

*Measure The Market Potential of Your Songs

*Using the same Music Xray technology that record labels use, Music Xray will measure and graph the market potential of your songs.

*Monitor Marketplace Activity Trends
Music Xray and our partners will gather statistics directly related to your identity and your songs on the Internet and we will present these statistics within easy-to-read trend graphs.

*All Your Statistics From Around The Web
Statistics are captured from MySpace, Twitter, Google, Technorati, file-sharing networks, and (coming soon) from many other sources around the net. All these statistics will be put into trend graphs.

*Automated Access To Music Industry Professionals

*You can also opt into the automated opportunity network we are creating to enable music industry professionals to simply funnel your songs into automated search feeds.

*A Professional Way To Distribute Music
A download module that enables unlimited or custom pass-code-protected downloads of songs also comes with every unlocked Music Xray.

About Platinum Blue Music Intelligence, Inc:

Platinum Blue is a pioneer in the field of Music Information Retrieval Science and is developing unique applications, patent-pending methods and user interfaces that leverage the cutting edge of Music Information Retrieval Science.

The company also funds, licenses and commercializes research, development and patented technology created by several of the most prestigious universities that are engaged in expanding the science of music information retrieval.

Platinum Blue is currently providing related products and services to notable legacy and startup companies within the music industry. Technology and services provided by Platinum Blue enable:

Music consumers to obtain accurate music recommendations.

Music industry professionals to make accurate and informed music investment decisions.

Artists and music industry professionals to measure, monitor and more easily grow market demand for music.

Platinum Blue's technology and services are designed and developed to radically minimize the effort currently required to quickly connect any artist/song to both intra-industry and consumer audiences.

Platinum Blue plans to end the need for artists to engage in inefficient, pre-popularity promotion.

Launch - Music Xray