Biography:Dub Armada

yo I'm alfie smith aka Dub Armada im a Dubstep dj ive been DJing since year 7 in comp.
Well everyone asks me day in and day out how did i start DJ basically i was 11 when i was listening to
fabio and grooverider on RADIO1 spinning a few dnb and breaks and i fort to my self well i wont to have a
go at something like that (not knowing what i was thinking of at this time). So it came to 12 i downloaded a rookie dj software called VIRTUAL DJ just to get to grips with traditional dj environment etc then when it came to Christmas when i was 12 i got some belt drive turntables to start practising on. then it came to 14 got some pioneers and KAMS for crimbo now pushing myself on further in the dj industry and wanting learn the basics in DJing and sound craft and im taking GCSE music with technology at school. im not looking to stay as a
bedroom for much longer as i want to get out in the proper dj environment. IM TAKING BOOKINGS FOR PARTYS ETC
Live on Saturdays 4-6pm