This Golden Section, which has been created for all Female artist who dedicate their creative talents to promote the Dub-Step, Dub, Reggae, Drum&Bass, Jungle & Gypsy Dub genre's of music....This network is so that all Female Sound System's , Producers, Dj's, singer's, Writer's & Promoter's can advertise & Share all of their creative works within these genre's of music...
Network and link up with other beautiful female artist within these genre's, which are creating DEEP SUB DUB SOUNDS! upload your production sound's, promote your radio set's, club nights, Dub Fashion, upload picture's, video's , create groups & discussion's in the female Dubber's forum's
Please Join us to support and raise awareness towards all the Raw Female talent within the world of Dub ! (which in my opinion are under rated)
xxxPeace & Lightxxx
Love Makes The World Go Around, And Music Is It's Unity