Dubstep and Grime Top 20 Chart 21/11/08

1: RUSKO Mr Chips (12" promo) Sub Soldiers UK
Mr Chips

2: MIA Paper Planes (7")
Paper Planes
Paper Planes (DFA remix)

3: MURDERATION Murderation

4: L WIZ/DUBWOOFA/THE OTHERS License To Thril Part 5 (12" promo) Dub Police
The Others - "Everybody Do The Super Skank"
L-Wiz - "Amy Diamond"
Dubwoofa - "The Nightmare"

5: RIZ MC Radar (12") Crosstown Rebels
People Like People
Radar (Loco Dice In The Box remix)

6: MARTYN Natural Selection (Flying Lotus remix)
Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Cleanse mix)
Vancouver (2562's Puur Natuur dub)

7: CHASE THE DEVIL Chase The Devil (1-sided 12") Dubby Style
Chase The Devil

8: PEVERELIST Clunk Click Every Trip (12" promo) Punch Drunk
Clunk Click Every Trip

9: BREAKAGE Callahan (12") Digital Soundboy

10: KING MIDAS SOUND Cool Out (12") Hyperdub
Cool Out
One Ting (Dabrye remix)
Lost (Flying Lotus remix)

11: JUS WAN Action Potential (12" promo) Apple Pips
Action Potential

12: PHOKUS/THE NEXT/WADADDA/MR BOOGIE/ISTARI LESTERFAHRER We Bomb Fi Dubs 4 (12") Sozialistischer Plattenbau Germany
Phokus & The Next - "Smoke Ganja"
Wadadda - "Gimme Gimme"
Mr Boogie - "Ghostship"
Istari Lasterfahrer - "Agonie"

13: DZ What You Won't Do For Love (12") Slit Jockey US
Track 1
Track 2

14: MORDANT MUSIC/VINDICATRIX 24 Million Or Sell Neverland (12" promo) Mordant Music
Mordant Music - "24 Million Or Sell Neverland"
Vindicatrix - "Private Places" (Shackleton & MM version)

15: LD/SUB SCAPE License To Thrill Part 6 (12" promo) Dub Police
LD - "Peace In Our Culture"
Sub Scape - "Tomahawi"

16: MILLIE/ANDREA Black Hammer (12") Daphne
Millie - "Black Hammer"
Andrea - "Gunshot"

17: ZOMBY Rumours & Revolutions (1-sided 12") Brainmath
Rumours & Revolutions

18: TC Where's My Money (Caspa remix) (12") D Style
Where's My Money (Caspa remix)

19: SYNKRO Everybody Knows (12") Smokin Sessions
Everybody Knows
Dub Specialist

20: CASPA/RUSKO/UNITZ License To Thrill Part 4 (12" promo) Dub Police
Caspa & Rusko - "Soulful Geeza"
Unitz - "Wait A Minute"