EZ NOW PEEPS!!! Dj ADjust is a Drum n Bass producer and Dj from a place called stafford. Hes in his 2nd year at University Studing Music Production to take his music to the next level. If you are a MC or Singer feel free to conact him if you fancy abit of studio work. also we put on drum n bass nights all round stafford with a few bredbins when we can so look out for us. We normally put on nights at the listed pubs on my my space but we are looking for more venues to do are thing. I also DJ on a Internet Radio station called Dubplates Radio - Drum and Bass Uk Garage Dubstep Break Beats Hip Hop Live Internet Radio every Sunday 6pm till 8pm with Mc Toshi Danger 24 hour live drum n bass music streamed to you 7 days a week from djs from all over the country live shows are at set times listed on the website so check it out, dont miss out!! MSN junglejeffers@hotmail.com I am a big time drinker , raver and smoker love drum n bass and other types that choke ya. im 24 bastard years old still in me prime love djin hate working and all the normal bullshit..blar blar blar Peace Dj ADjust