Dj Jonny T

Jonny t aka Cypresschill, has been in to underground music since early age from old house to present dnb, he bought his first decks at the age of 12 and started to by records from all areas of the uk getting influences from tommy musto and frankie bones beastie boys and early hip hop, havin getting a name for himself he started to play out at local venues and got a big break at the legendry "QUEST" in Wolverhampton, witch went well for time, still getting into all sorts of urban and underground music he progressed again to playing oldskool happy hardcore in 91-94 earer,as the scene progressed as it does trying to feel all aspects of the sounds, kept playing for local parties in his area and building on his family and having a full time job looking after his son , he has never lost the feel and momentum to carry on pursuing his goal of bringing his son into the scene to carry on the love for the music, the future is his destiny

20 years experience

old belt driven decks (TANDYS) to sound labs to Technics

Rubyred records, Tempest records, Fiber optic, Blackmarket, Camden records RIP