The sixth release of the netlabel Cyber Crunk came into being in the company of German artists Kaiza, Try and Error. You've certainly heard their productions on MindTech, Tilt, Metafiziq, T-Free, etc... Today here is on CCK with two technoid songs entitled "Left Spin" and "Demons In My Head".
Thanks to the artists participating in the project, and thanks to all who support us! Big up!


La sixième sortie du netlabel Cyber Crunk voit le jour en compagnie des artistes allemands Kaiza, Try & Error. Vous avez déjà certainement entendu leurs productions sur les labels Mindtech, Tilt, Metafiziq, etc... Les voici aujoud'hui sur Cyber Crunk avec deux morceaux Technoïd intitulés "Left Spin" et "Demons In My Head".
Merci à Kaiza, Try & Error d'avoir participé au projet, et merci aussi à tous ceux qui nous supportent! Big up!

* Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Left Spin - (download: mp3 / wav)
* Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Demons In My Head - (download: mp3 / wav)

Try and Error
Cyber Crunk

* CCK007 - Eiton - Meduus / Jealousy

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