Soundphreakers - Empire East, this is the fourth album from the Slovakian Soundphreakers collective, the fourteen tracks reflects the events that are currently taking place in the world. The combination of energy, diversity, bass lines synthetic sounds and vocals make for big sounding tracks that can do damage on the floor but also sound equally good on the stereo. If you havent heard of these guys before be sure to check them out. The album contains various tracks, some of them have been made in cooperation with the respected names, such as the rappers Dramatikz, Tragikomix, Slovak singer Dada, producers from the formation Ear Drum Kru, English DC Breaks, The Infected or Special ED.


The formation Soundphreakers (Nois & Neon) stood by the birth of the Slovak drum&bass scene. Their roots stretch deeply back and surely a lot of primacies in this music style belong to them. As early as 1997 they recorded their first stuff which was used as basis for the album Just Meat. This album was style-heterogeneous and it sought the seeds of their musical advancement. In 2000 their tracks were played in the club Uclub (nowadays the legendary Subclub), two years later they released their second album Notelles Sphere of Infection. In the same year they also started the drum&bass label Phreak da Sound that through the compilations Remark the Silence united and supported the Slovak drum&bass scene. These compilations were the first introduction of producers’ names, which nowadays represent the elite not only of the Slovak music scene, such as Ear Drum Kru, Snippah, Destroyah, B-complex, L Plus, Brooklyn, Reverb, Junkett, Touchwood and many others. In 2005 Soundphreakers started to present drum&bass music style to general public and they released their third album Nu Breed christened by English producer LOXY from Renegade Hardware, which is the first Slovak drum&bass album at all. The Radio FM announced it as the album of the week. The track "Just feat. Dada" topped the Slovak Gold and TOP FM charts and Radio FM putted it into their B-rotation. The Slovak academy of popular music IFPI placed this album to the top ten of the best-selling albums in Slovakia for a few weeks and it also got a nomination for Aurel 2006 awards as the only one drum&bass album in the Alternative music category. Together with the album they released a video, the first Slovak drum&bass video clip at all, for their track "Just feat. Dada" it was broadcasted by the commercial TV Markiza and the music TV MusicBox. In 2009 as a part of “Slovak Drum and bass Awards 2008” contest the internet portal awarded the formation Soundphreakers in the Best Slovak producer category and their track "Terrorist" in the Best Slovak track category.

VIDEO - Soundphreakers - SubClub ( @ Subclub presentz AWARDS night - 14.8.2009)

The Soundphreakers have introduced themselves at many events not only in Slovakia but also abroad, e.g. they performed as headliners in the cradle of the Drum&Bass in the UK and they released some tracks through the digital publishers Special Records and Digital Tunes. Their latest production has been played with positive response also in some foreign radios (Leith FM, Bassdrive, Shedbass, Reputation FM, Barebass etc.), their dubplates are very popular among foreign Djs, producers a publishers too (DJ Kid, Decoy, Paul Reset, Miss Reprazent, DJ Crissy Criss, Primo etc.).


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