Men’s Health Playlist Vol. 4
Endurance Booster Mixed By Richard Durand

Release date:
November 3rd, 2009
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Richard Durand provides the seamless music mix for the fourth in Total Fitness Music’s groundbreaking series of custom made DJ mixed workout albums with Men’s Health magazine.

The right workout soundtrack can cut your perceived exertion by 10%, according to research at Brunel University by Dr Costas Karageorghis. He used a cutting-edge quartic formula to find the perfect musical bpm to power you through a session designed to deliver huge endurance gains quickly, and specifically condition you to tackle distance running.

Richard Durand then hand-picked a superb track selection featuring Alex O’Rion, Andy Duguid, Airbase and Vimana among his own productions and crafted a 90 minute mix to those specific scientific requirements.

Richard Durand has headlined top club nights from Godskitchen to Gatecrasher, and re-mixed everything from The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up to Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. A regular in DJ Magazine’s Top 100, this year he’s had an Essential Mix spot on Radio 1 and recently released a widely acclaimed debut album Always The Sun.


1. Banyan Tree ‘Feel The Sun Rise’
2. Alex O'Rion ‘Winter’
3. 2 Souls ‘In The Beginning’ (Didier Red's Assistant Po Lak Formats Remix)
4. Andy Duguid ‘The Crossing’
5. Alex O'Rion ‘Fragile Goods’
6. Moonbeam ‘See The Difference’
7. Richard Durand ‘Into Something’
8. Richard Durand ‘Always The Sun’
9. Steve Forte Rio ‘A New Dawn’
10. Richard Durand ‘Silver Key’
11. Alex O'Rion ‘Like A Box Of Fluffy Ducks’
12. Andy Duguid ‘Don't Belong’
13. Airbase ‘The Road Not Taken (Leon Bolier Remix)’
14. Airbase ‘Back’
15. Cary Brothers ‘Ride’
16. Chris R vs Carl B ‘Take Off ‘
17. Vimana ‘We Came’ (Akira V2 Remix)
18. Alex O'Rion ‘Velvet Skies’
19. Andy Duguid ‘White Sand’

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