Here's my latest mixtape for you to download...
DJ Rusha - Something For The Blunted Vol. III - Drum & Bass Mixtape

Follow the link below...
then click 'more options' (just under the title) and then download :)


G Dub - Tink Ya Bad
Konichi - Wiz
Heist - Ambush VIP
Nemasis - Last Chance (Dub)
High Roller - Alien Disposal (Dub)
Nemasis - Bongo Rock (Dub)
Premium - Master Of The Dark
Dutty Business - Step Correct
Shifta - Switch Style (Dub)
Mampi Swift - 1 Finger
Nemasis - Abstract (Dub)
Spaow - Over
Dub Zero - Insane
Musicman - Picture Me Rolling (Dub)
Sly - The Hypnotist
Jaydan - Pull Up VIP
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
Double Zero - Immaculate Conception (Original Sin VIP Dub)
Dominator - Deadly Force
Taxman - Evasion Rmx
Future Connection - Toe Nail Fudge
Split Personality - Man With No Name Rmx (Shifta Dub)
Iron Hands - Call In Sick
Nemasis - Misty Morning (Dub)
Butcher - Plight Of The Binman (Dub)
Dapz Feat. Juiceman - Under Pressure (Dub)
G Dub - Slime (Jaydan VIP Dub)
Steppa - Comedown
Heavy Hittaz - Chinese Boxing (Dub)

Playtime : 59m:27s

Thank you for your time :)