hey guys i know you all love your music but like me you also play on your playstation 3! Most people in home have been having lots of fun glitching all over the place and in and out of the maps there have been lots of updates to stop this and we are now on pshome beta version v01.32 all glitches have now been patched including the wardrobe ghost glitch and they have added lots of gravity to our av characters (this stops up popping up or sticking to things). This is really sad news for all of the glitchers and the glitch Olympics what was coming up near Christmas time to find the ultimate glitcher!

Good news for v01.32 playstaion home beta there is a glicher who goes by the name of conbot (founder in E.U) who has been spotted glitching on the ponds and walls in home-square :) this is very promising as it shows no matter what Sony do to patch glitches there will always be a way or hole in there system software.
Now its up to the rest of us to find out how he got up there? remember if we tell a friend of a friend how to do a glitch it will get back to Sony and the can patch it and stop people glitching so if you find out keep it to yourself! The the main point of this is to say there is still hope out there for you who loves glitching and its still possible to do so! Keep your eyes open and keep looking out for exploits and new glitches.