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Some of Cooh's favorite Metal tunes mixed with drum and bass tracks

download or stream it from here : COOH - Cooh - Metal vs Drum & Bass mix - SoundCloud


01.Iron Maiden VS Ogonek & Cooh - Scared Of The Dark
02.Rammstein VS Cooh - Sonne Contact
03.Slayer VS Current Value - Dark Raining Blood
04.KC - Extreme Steel (Counterstrike Remix)
05.Ministry VS The Panacea & Raiden - Connect The TV
06.System Of A Down VS Lucio De Rimanez - Lord Of The Sugar
07.Manowar VS Cooh & The Outsider Agency - The Keepers of Metal
08.Sepultura - Straighthate (Zardonic Remix)
09.Slipknot VS Cooh - Wait And Duuure
10.Deftones VS Cooh - Shoved Vret
11.Clawfinger VS Ogonek - What You Say
12.Ministry VS Cooh,Breaker&SilentKiller - Galaxy Thieves
13.Hatebreed VS Cooh - Live For Ventil
14.Metallica VS Zany & Cooh - Everything Else Matters
15.System Of A Down VS Current Value - Chop The New Life
16.Korn VS Current Value - You Need A Clown
17.Rammstein VS Cooh - Maine Smile
18.Edge Of Sanity VS Cooh - Twilight Blast
19.The Gathering VS Cooh & Broken Note - Saturn Retox

don't forget to download and listen to the rest of my mixes on: COOH - Tracks - SoundCloud

mixes online


Sleepwalkers EP (PRSPCT)
Cooh & Counterstrike - Blood And Steel (Prspct)
Cooh - New Lay / Froger (LB)
Dune - Hardcore Vibes (bootleg rmx) (Love recordings)
Cooh & Counterstrike - Computer Control (Counterstrike Recs)
CV - Running (Cooh rmx) (Future Sickness)
Cooh - Bongia (Offkey)
Cooh - Moth Machine EP (6 tracks vinyl 8 tracks digital)
(Position Chrome)
Cooh - Trigrad / Crypt (Obscene)
Cooh & Vengeanze - Infected / Love Control (HABIT)
Cooh - Black Monday (Future Sickness)
Cooh - Adons (TDP)
Temper D - techno Prisoners (Cooh rmx) (TPD digital)
Cooh - Noisy Sneaker // (Sinuous) sin017 Evolution of mind E.P
Woody McBride - Off The Ceiling [Raiden RMX] / [Cooh RMX] (Subsistenz)
Cooh - Be Blast / HARM - Head Stomp ( PRSPCT
Cooh - Duuure / Cooh - Ventil (Position Chrome 69 )

forthcoming releases :

Naglfar Ep (Position Chrome)
Cooh - Moscow / VTAKT (Granade)
Cooh & Counterstrike - Fission (Counterstrike Recs)
Cooh - Triller / Obel (Commercial Suicide)
Psychofreud - Bad Man / Bad Man (Cooh RMX) (Bass Rejects)

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