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Thread: Robbie Rivera - Album/Single 'Closer to the Sun' & Video

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    Default Robbie Rivera - Album/Single 'Closer to the Sun' & Video

    Closer To The Sun (LP)
    Closer to the Sun (*Single) - support inc Paul Oakenfold & Armin van Buuren.

    Released: 2nd Nov
    Label: New State Music
    Distribution: EMI

    Watch the fantastic video :-

    Puerto Rican-born Miami resident Robbie Rivera is set to release his new artist album Closer To The Sun, after another action-packed summer of his weekly Juicy parties at Privilege in Ibiza, a hectic global tour schedule and remixing for artists including Basement Jaxx and Nelly Furtado. Featuring collaborations with the likes of Fast Eddie, Laura Vane, Moony (DB Boulevard), its progressive house music with a twisted, ****ed-up attitude the Juicy style.

    With everyone from Paul Oakenfold toDavid Guetta clamoring after his roof-raising productions, Robbie has never been more in demand. With another huge Ibiza season under his belt, remix requests flooding in left, right and centre, another hugely successful Juicy compilation and slew of Juicy releases, and gigs at some of the worlds biggest events, 2009 has been one of his biggest years so far and this hot new album is set to be the icing on the cake.

    From the Killers-style uplifting synths of the title track and first single, to the cool hip-house vibes of Let Me Sip My Drink and Keep It Going, the big vocal hooks of tracks like The Rain to the instrumental beauty of Departures and the huge riffs of dancefloor killers like 6AM and the hard-hitting I Am A Badass, this album is a non-stop, high-octane journey through Robbie's eclectic sound fusing trance with house rhythms, electro synths, progressive melodies and proper songwriting. As is usual with his productions, the album has found support from a huge cross-section of DJs from across the genres - and deservedly so. Its the sound of one open-minded DJ/producers globetrotting life distilled into 12 tracks of cutting-edge electronic eclecticism.

    A world tour to support Robbies new album begins in North America Oct 31 in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico where he headlines the Coliseums 10,000-capacity Halloween event. Thereafter he travels to all major US and Canadian cities, before moving into South America and more in 2010.

    Robbie describes the new record in his own words:

    1. We Live For The Music
    Jerique Allen sent me an email via MySpace mentioning how much he liked my music and if I was looking for a songwriter and vocalist. Jerique mentioned he had worked with Fedde Le Grande so I checked out his MySpace site to listen to his work. I noticed he had a thick deep voice with an R&B vibe, which would go well for an uplifting house tune. One morning in Ibiza, I told him I wanted a track with a vocal that spoke about how great "music is." A day later he sent me the demo and the rest is history. I believe "We Live For The Music" will become a club anthem.

    2. Closer To The Sun
    This song is very special to me as I produced it in Ibiza summer '08. I was in Miami in February 2009 and was inspired by sounds from the 80s and bands like The Killers. I remember getting really excited when I played the guitar melody! I think the melody and lyrics go perfect together. The original mix I did is totally different from the album version".

    3. You'll Never Know
    When I am on tour I always have my laptop with me to view movies or to write melodies using Apple Logic express. I don't know why but I remember flying across America and was feeling a bit sentimental (it happens sometimes when you tour a lot!) I opened up Logic Express, opened a new session and selected a synth pad sound where I could play some chords. The main melody you hear on this track was originally called "The Beach" as it was very melodic and progressive. I forgot about this melody until I arrived in Ibiza. I sent it to Ned Bigham in London and asked him to get Laura Vane to produce the vocals. As soon as I heard the chorus I flipped out! It's also my wife's favorite song.

    4. Your Door
    Another melody I wrote in a plane flying in North America. This one was a bit of a shock as it was not supposed to go on the album and it has an R&B vocal and song. After finishing and listening over & over I fell in love with the lyrics and the overall feeling. Makes you feel good. We decided to add it on the album as it made it very diverse.

    5. Let Me Sip My Drink
    Back in April 2009 I was chilling in my home in Miami. I was checking my emails on MySpace and DJ Skip from Chicago sent me a message telling me that I should do a track with Fast Eddie. I immediately responded and produced a simple bassline groove reminiscent of early house tunes from French artists like Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar. I honestly produced the track in 30 minutes! The next day Skip & Eddie emailed me the acapella! It's such a fun song and catchy!

    6. You Gotta Make It
    I love the string melody on this song. It makes happy and melancholic at the same time. Monica Bragato aka Moony aka DB Boulevard wrote the song and performed the vocals in Italy. The original version was tranceier but I decided to add an electric guitar and a more rock-dance arrangement. The final song is beautiful and full of emotion.

    7. Keep On Going
    After producing "Let Me Sip My Drink" I wanted another hip house tune. Songwriter-Performer, Katie Marne from London produced two vocals in my early days and she had emailed me saying she had this great rapper. I wanted a British rapper because I have always liked the Audio Bullys and the Basement Jaxx sound. The bassline on this track is wicked and Ozmosis' performance is amazing.

    8. Departures
    I have always been a fan of progressive house and wanted an instrumental track to listen to in the car while I am driving or chilling in my house. The track is very emotional and takes a while to build up to its climax. I titled it "Departures" because I listen to it a lot in the plane when I fly off to gig. The song makes you think and relax. It is also very sexy so I can imagine couples enjoying it in the bedroom.

    9. The Rain
    I worked long and hard on this track. The vocals, produced by LIzzie Curious, were very dance pop so I wanted a progressive groove with an overall house sound, it was difficult but I think I got it! If you listen to the lyrics you will notice it is a great message. Lizzie Curious is from London and I think she will be getting a lot of attention in the club world soon.

    10. 6AM
    I have always been a fan of trance melodic grooves so I wanted a track with a hard house kick-percussion arrangement but with a massive melodic breakdown. I used the V-Station synth software and I remember it took me like 4 hours to get this melody done! I tested it out at Privilege in Ibiza and got the reaction I wanted. Hands in the air! Perfect tune to play at 6am.

    11. I Am A Badass
    Well the title says it all. I wanted my fans to remember my early banging tune days! Years ago I released a track called "Funkatron" and it was a massive worldwide club hit. The track has influenced so many DJs since it was released 7 years ago on Morillo's label, that I wanted to do something similar but with today's electro sounds. This track is very "in your face" and I have been playing it non-stop on my tours.

    12. Rock The Disco
    The album needed a typical "Rivera electro sound" so I went into my studio in Miami, loaded up the mini Moog, Apple Logic and created this monster groove. It's an infectious hypnotic bassline that just keeps on building to a frenzy! The vocal drives you mad but it rocks on the dance floor. I can see the European DJs loving this.

    *Closer to the Sun (Single)

    Package 1 - Vandalism, Inpetto Vocal Remix and Rivera's Juicy Privilege Mix

    Package 2 - Joachim Garraud, Rivera's Juicy Ibiza Mix, Robbie's Bonus Mix, Amo & Navas vs. Les Schmitz, Inpetto Dub, Oscar G. Reconstruction, Paul Williams Chillout Mix, plus Radio Edits and Music Video

    Watch the fantastic video :-
    Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded.

    ...:::ROBBIE RIVERA:::...

    For all Robbie Rivera media enquiries please contact Roo Farndon @ Rood Media
    E: T: 07973 366 301

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