This is time to present new release from Subtribe Records .
Our target: Limiter.
Out task: Turn it off to make sound dirty and louder!
Our army: BreakZhead with his sick-original tear-out featuring dubstep mix, Quadrat Beat, his ally , fights against the limits,
peak-time weapon - Torqux with a two brave soldiers - Journeyman and BARRcode!
Together they will destroy any enemy who dares to stop them to make music louder.

Style: Breaks/Dubstep
Label: Subtribe Records
Release date: 5/10 /09

1. Original Mix
2. Journeyman VS BARRcode Remix
3. Quadrat Beat Remix
4. Torqux Remix

Backdraft: "Many thanks, really nice remix package....especially loving the Torqux remix."
Henry D: " Quadrat beat remix is cool. I'll play it on my radio show."
Kickflip: "Liking Quadrat Beat's remix on Turn Limiter Off! Will def be
supporting this one."
Guerilla Tech: "'Torqux's mix of 'turn limiter off' is sicker than your nan's dirty knickers, seriously hot stuff, not to be missed"
Josef Sedlon [Radio 1 Czech]: "I like BreakZhead original andalso Journeyman vs BARRcode rmx"
DJ Rating [Breaks FM]: "big tunes nice one for passing them on ;)"
Daniella Downs [Dead Famous Rec]: "original is the best one for me. cheers, and thanks!!"
Duane Barry: "Quadrat Beat and Journeyman & Barrcode remixes rock! full support from me!"

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