On behalf of "Darkhalf" It's time we posted the release info for the new E.P which will be coming out next Friday 2nd October 09 from the one himself ' Darkhalf ' on ' Extent Recordings.

For more information please check the links below:-

Extent Recordings on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Darkhalf ( Extent Recordings) presents the ' New Beginning E.P and free promo mix for download!!! and

Dogs On Acid - New Beginning E.P release date from Extent Recordings and free Mix for download!!!

Here you will also find a new mix he recorded specifically for this release and the full tracklisting is also provided and it's free to download as and when you wish ;)

Here is the Free Mix
Darkhalf - A George Stark Era- Darkhalf Mix ( September 13-2009) - SoundCloud

And Tracklisting.

1- Prolific- Momentum ( Future Thinkin)
2- Prolific- Subside ( Future Thinkin)
3- Verse and SPMC- Lost Souls ( Crunch Recordings)
4- Marukomu and Darkhalf- Information ( Forthcoming on Extent Recordings)
5- The Grimm - Poetry ( Digilab Recordings)
6- BMK & City Kings Matt D - Petrify ( Extent Recordings)
7- Adam Form - Down Inside ( Subterra and Dekko remix)- ( Rubik Digital)
8- DJ Die - Clear Skyz- ( Break remix)- ( Clear Skyz)
9- Rufige kru- One more time ( Metalheads)
10- Darkhalf - Envy ( Forthcoming on Extent Recordings)
11- Alteria Motive- Komotoze ( Digilab recordings)
12- Marc C4C and Bones- Don't let them ( Sudden Def Recordings)
13- Switchcraft - Facing the Sun ( Forthcoming on Extent Recordings)
14- Darkhalf- Jealousy ( Forthcoming on Extent Recordings)
15- D Kay and D Bridge- Nothing is true (Exit Records)
16- Ed Rush - Technology ( Pavement Records)
17- Ed Rush - Torque ( Pavement Records)
18- Kantyze - Good Riddance ( Fokuz Recordings)
19- B Cee and Lomax- Changing Faces ( Fokuz Recordings)
20-The Streets- It's too late ( High Contrast Remix)
21- Icicle and Nymfo- Franky mountian ( Ram)
22- Alix Perez and Sabre- Everglade ( Metalheads)
23- D Bridge v's Survival- Apathy ( Exit Records)
24- Prolific- Back Up ( Crunch Recordings

Enjoy the Mix people and expect to hear a hell of a lot more from the one and only "Darkhalf" in the near future!