hello to all y people and followers here you can get my new tunes and check pictures, the promo video and learn more about me....

Kapsula got birth from many deceptions and frustrations throughout the last years, between playing with too many people in few bands were I only spend time and money, producing tons of songs that didn't reach the place on life that I wanted, plus trying to agree with all members about song arrangements or when is the next rehearsal, if everyone or anyone can make it etc etc. I'd learn from the past, after good and bad experiences I decided to go just by my self, is a new face on my music carrier, mixing styles I like and trying to send a message to the world, off course this project just started and I can't forecast the future, I can't tell witch direction this Kapsula is gonna take, or if more people will feat in, is on destiny's hands.....

Preparing the new material 2009, This site is under construction and few songs are not ready, but everything will come together pretty soon.....

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Kapsula 2012 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads to listen and learn more about Kapsula.

DubFiler: Your music to your people, faster. Easy file uploads and downloads for DJ's, producers, promoters and musicians. listen and download KAPSULA - 2012 [PRE-Released].

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and if you r lucky you can catch my music at radiologicafm.com or Welcome To Shedbass.com | Live Drum and Bass Radio

Thanx 4 the Support and I hope you feel my beats!!!!!