Back to 90s, when the F-Word project had just begun it’s story, it was easy to feel the influence of hardcore and jungle sound, and the first beats of electronic music in it. Later, the new wave of Breakbeat inspired the project to do some kind of serious experiments. Going back to roots, F-Word gains a great interest in funk, soul, hip-hop and DJ-culture. In 2005 he performed his first DJ-set and gets the inspiration from breaks music. After that, he finally steps into the breaks-music path.

The year 2007 was a very important year for the project and it was full of significant events such as "Red Devil DJ Battle" and release of the first single by F-Word project, which became popular overnight in many foreign web stores.

At the moment F-Word is producing new tracks and remixes, performing regular dj-sets, and has five singles, many of them are in top-charts of best-selling releases in popular web-stores. F-Word tracks are being ragged currently, on radio-stations all over the world. And this is just the beginning...

His next track, Signed up by our bad Dusted Breaks selves, is a nu-skool number with spacey vibes and a warm bass, plus a very familiar vocal sample! This has seen support from all over the globe but more notably from Westway and Up:Start producer d*Funk on his tour of Oz.

ESHERICKS Is very hot property right now and everything he seems to touch turns to Breakbeat gold! So imagine our delight when the Japanese supremo agreed to remix ‘Death Valley’ for us! And he didn’t disappoint!
The use of the 303 is somewhat frowned upon these days and with a usually quite dated sound, compared to what is around now, I tend to understand why! Eshericks though, absolutely nails it!! And with it’s Sick bassline, engagingly un-cliched melodies which interplay nicely, ravetastic
samples and full-bore acid madness, This track has won full support from some of the biggest DJ’s in the world, Including The mighty CRYSTAL METHOD and has literally been ragged from one end of the globe to another and smashed each and every dance floor that it has graced!!

ID needs little introduction and since his move over to all things Dubstep, Has won over a whole new set of fans! This little piece of Dubbed up phatness, that the Mancunian did for Dusted Breaks, Includes the trademark ID wobble and some seriously interesting drum patterns to make the whole tune that little bit more atmospheric and interesting, Compared to the usual Dubstep/Grime sound.

BREAKING NEWS are no strangers to Dusted Breaks and on the back of their ‘Peoples’ release, The Russian boys decided that they’d give this tune a good going over! We honestly thought that up against Eshericks & I.D they may struggle, but not a chance!! Since we signed ‘Peoples’ back in January, These guys have had some wicked opportunities to do remixes on other labels and recently won the Groove Diggerz remix competition for Breakin Even. So it’s safe to say that this lot are on the up and we are very happy with their electro influenced booty style dancefloor smasher!