QUADRAT BEAT "Commotion"
Style: Breaks
Label: Subtribe Records
Release date: 07/09/09

1. Original Mix
2. DaVIP Remix
3. BreakZhead Remix


Guerilla Tech: "Really liking the original mix on this release, i'm sure the crowd will get warmed up nice with this top track!"

Duane Barry: "Another couple of stomping releases from Subtribe - Quadrat Beat do it again I'm loving the original and BreakZhead remix and a good interpretation from DaVIP."

Jimmy Mofo: "Quadrat Beat always make quality breaks. Likin the original best. Full support from Beat Assassins"

Dj Kylo: "Commotion (DaVIP Remix): I think I like this one most of all, relaxed vibe with crazy sounds, cool stuff!"

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