View Full Version : MotionJoy Asus BT211 Fixed And Tested After Reboot

29-12-2012, 21:20
The Motionjoy software and the Asus Bt.211 work together perfectly but there are a few things to do before the Asus bt211 usb dongle is even recognised. This has taken me ages to work out but then it seems so easy now.

So if the Motionjoy does not recognise the asus bt-211 dongle being connected load the original drivers that come with the Asus bt211 dongle, in the DS3 tool driver manager click remove. If you have done this already but its still not seeing it then goto device manager and delete the device and also tick delete drivers! This will allow your original drivers to be working now.
keep Motionjoy open and your joy pad connected via a cable leave the bt211 bluetooth in the computer.
In device manager click scan for changes and you will see it load your original Asus drivers that you previously installed thats good after thats done refresh the Motionjoy page and you will see the device in the load drivers page only.
There should now be 2 devices the joypad and the bluetooth dongle check them both and click load all drivers wait until completed then click the pairing tabs and you should now see a bluetooth adaptor and the joypad just click pair and you will see a new registration number appear instead of
Click back on to profile select your pad and click enable.

Now this will work perfectly until you reboot your computer and you will have to go through all of this again. After a reboot the asus bt211 is not showing up in the Motionjoy software. So how to fix this find the folder where the motionjoy.exe is found program files or program files (86) Right click on the .exe then properties/advanced and tick always run this program as Administrator click apply and all the problems are gone you can reboot as much as you like and the Asus BT-211 is working as it should do!! Great but what a nightmare lol..
This is the order i done things in but you should first try this as step 1 it could solve all your issues immediately

I was doing this on a Windows 7 PC with Asus USB-BT211 Bluetooth v2.1+ EDR Bluetooth & PlayStation 3 Joypad

Hope this helps anyone.