"A bassful trip from Sawgood and Hanuman Tribe through different styles.
Everyone expected rave, they dropped 140jungle vs Dubstep! Heavy rmxs from
the ones luike Dubsidia, Ben & Lex, and Rebel Sketchy!"

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The last release on RIOT RIOT was a wonderful blend of styles collecting 25 tracks from the backatalogue on the
2 Years Riot Riot Records Compilation. Now we are melting styles again, but in the broken beat corner only:
SAWGOOD and HANUMAN TRIBE met 2011 and started a collabo to clash genres and created a frankenstein of
Dubstep, 140 Jungle, growling basses and beautiful melodies.
DUBSIDIA, BEN & LEX and REBEL SKETCHY delivered the remixes, and so no wonder:
it is high quality floor amunition, three unique, pounding mixes in different directions.



FAR TOO LOUD: 'Nice release, dubsidia kill it as usual!'
BEATMAN & LUDMILLA: ''What a cute melody loving the original!'
ANIKI: 'CRAZY GOOD!! Thanks for this! Will rinse!'
AJAPAI: 'Sick remix from Dubsidia!'
REID SPEED: 'Nice vocal version, filthy remix from dubsidia!'
MARTEN HØRGER: 'Ruff Stuff package, lovin the Hanuman Tribe vs Sawgood vibe!'
SHUT UP AND DANCE: 'Yeah feeling this will be playing this radio edit.'
B-PHREAK: 'Very phat release, my favourite is the original!!!'
AEROTRONIC: 'The Rebel Sketchy remix is my favorite here.'
BARRCODE: 'Ben & Lex mix. Ruff stuff.'
AQUASKY: 'Nice remixes , dubsidia mix is fire, like the beat flips rebelsketchy mix is dope too. ben and lex is propper tearout!'
FLORE: 'I'll have a go on the Rebel Sketchy rmx tho on the radio tomorrow.'
MAT THE ALIEN: 'liking this radio edit and sick remixes'
WE BANG: 'all these people talking about 140 jungle and it sounds like shit...this sounds innovative and is the real deal! I will definitly be dropping this one!'
VEKTORKAT: 'Love for the Rebel Sketchy remix!'
JFB: 'Hanuman Tribe dub. Nice.'
DJ LEKO: 'Rebel Sketchy remix here. Nice one.'
LEE / DUBSTED BREAKS: 'Ben & Lex all the way!!!'
CURL AND DEAN: 'Heavy Business from Ben & Lex, also Rebel Sketchy remix is rolling.'
ANALOGEEKS: 'Original is the pick for us, love the tekfunk vibe on the rebel sketchy remix also.'
SHROOMBAB: 'awesome mixture of 140 bpm, dubstep, skrillex-vibe and jungle in the dub. love it!'
HEXADECIMAL: 'Massive! The original mix is great! Dubsidia is also wicked! Ben and Lex mix sounds promising too! In fact all the mixes have something to offer, sure to be playing something off this package!'
ROB FOCUZ: 'Good stuff! will review properly for Apply The Breaks website. likin' the Ben & Lex and Rebel Sketchy remixes!'
DARE2DISCO: 'HANUMAN TRIBE mix is my fav but REBEL SKETCHY Remix brings a nice nu-breaks flavour to it and BEN & LEX Remix is a nice drum'n'bass approach also.'
MAXCHERRY: 'I really like the original one!'
SCHEMA: 'Radio Vocal Edit. Great stuff, full support.'
ANN D: 'Ben & Lex rmx proper floor mover!'
AFROWHITEY: 'Dope tune, switch up was solid! Radio mix.'
T.R.O.: 'Liking the techy Rebel Sketchy remix.'
SLAMINA: 'WOW!!! SICK RELEASE! Loving the Original and the Dubsidia Remix! HUGE!'
RICHIE MAXX / SUGARBYTEZ CLUB: 'HEavy EP, basslines are sick, lovin the drums and roll of the Ben & Lex remix, the breaks remix from Rebel Sketchy is top notch aswell, all round solid package, good work guys.'
JACK STAT: 'Good stuff.'
PLAYMA: 'Nice Pack.'
DJ GUE / FM4: 'Great commerzial Dread Tune.'
DIRTY TRICKS: 'Seriously unwell remix from B&L. Will be dropping this for maximum floor damage.'
BDR: 'Pure filth. Ear bleeding dubstep of the highest quality. Ginger Shinobi Founder BDR Dancefloor (London)'
ESSBEEDEE 'Very nice and shifty sounds on the original. And the Rebel Sketchy Remix, oh wow. Thats nice.'
TWISTER: 'Cool tracks... '


all tracks written & produced by SAWGOOD & HANUMAN TRIBE
dub and radio edit by HANUMAN TRIBE
vocals by EVA GOLD

artwork by FORKELN / http://forkeln.net
and FLACCUS / SNK / schoene neue kinder
mastered at CCMP / ccmp@nmeclick.net
promotion by PUSHPROMOTION / Push Promotion

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EVA GOLD - Official Website


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