We are glad to present BAIRES013 called "Stereotypes" by the hand of Rodrigo Mateo.
After his successful release "Carbon Monoxide" released in 2011, Rodrigo Mateo makes his return with an excellent original called "Stereotypes"

Stereoypes's Concept:

Music is continuously changing, evolving into amazing new fusions impossible to catalog. The entire concept of 'Stereotypes'. Born as a retrospective of progressive house evolution, trying to understand what we gain, but especially what we are leaving behind and what we already lost.
Sometimes I feel empty. I remember how just a few years ago I used to fill that emptiness with beautiful melodies, capable of producing strange thoughts, unexpected feelings and reactions. I find this activity harder as the time goes by. Luckily those melodies will last forever, they will always accomplish their prime objective: to transmit a state of mind which can't be expressed with words or any other way. 'Stereotypes' is just the way I get materialized that retrospective, how I explain my actual state of mind, my mood and my feelings.

In this opportunity we focused on creating a complex pack with three very different remixes, where everyone enhance the concept in a different way. Baires owners Santiago Garcia & Dark Soul Project performed an amazing work, giving presence to a secondary piano sequence of the original. Groovy percussions and baseline with a fantastic female vocal. Very hypnotic and special to the dancefloor.

Santiago Mossman from Argentina. Where a producer work on something he is in love with, the result will always be greater. He wanted to be part of this EP since the first time he heard 'Stereotypes', he was fascinated. That is a very important value added. He fantastically twisted the melody maintaining the essence, created a build up with elements from the original mix and combined everything with a beautiful and hypnotic construction.

Not less for being last, Exoplanet. I always admired him as a musician, finding in his productions a big source of inspiration. He is a truly genius who with his music, during the last years, has left something magic and eternal in my subconsciousness. Exoplanet, from Netherlands, achieved a work that aims to the mind, very enjoyable and dynamic, with a lot of sounds out of the progressive schema. A very beautiful and different interpretation.

Written by Rodrigo Mateo

Masterized by Luis Bondio, Exoplanet, Santiago Garcia.
Designed by Jesus Luna

Baires Records


01) Rodrigo Mateo - Stereotypes (Original Mix)
02) Rodrigo Mateo - Stereotypes (Exoplanet Remix)
03) Rodrigo Mateo - Stereotypes (Santi Mossman Remix)
04) Rodrigo Mateo - Stereotypes (Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia Remix)

Release Date: July 12 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Rodrigo Mateo - Stereotypes // Baires Records - YouTube

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