Once again, Ewan Rill delivers some quality music to Balkan Connection Records. This time he presents himself in various genres such as Tech House, Progressive House and Techno, including two collaboration works with Casper & Novalex.


01) Ewan Rill - Style of Dragon (original mix)
02) Ewan Rill & Casper - Influence (original mix)
03) Ewan Rill - Left For 2 Days (original mix)
04) Ewan Rill & Novalex - Keyhole (original mix)
05) Ewan Rill - Hertz (original mix)

Release Date: July 02 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Ewan Rill - Hertz EP // Balkan Connection - YouTube

Ewan Rill & Casper - Influence (original mix) Featured at Beatport's Top 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks Week 27

10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks Week 27 :: Beatport

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