In alpha and beta phase, tack 'Lemon' was called 'Yellow' as its part from the album called 'Boi' which means colors. The whole album is inspired by everything around us, objects, people, colors, energy, thoughts, feelings.... everything!

'Lemon' was representing the yellow things… as sun rays, warmth... nice feeling that we have... The sound of the lead synth is yellow for me as well if I could visualize it. This tune is pretty important to me as its part from my 2-3 years project that is my first solo album where I mostly express my feelings try different periods of time. You can see that for me this track wakes positive, warm feelings... and I really hope it will impact others the way I’m feeling it :)


01) Kerkez - Lemon (Original Mix)
02) Kerkez - Lemon (Matthew Hoag Remix)
03) Kerkez - Lemon (Lea Dobricic Remix)
04) Kerkez - Lemon (Speedy's Groove Remix)

Release Date: June 25 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Kerkez - Lemon EP // Lovable Fairy Tale - YouTube

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