For the beginning of the Summer 2012, Balkan Connection Records presents you a compilation with the tracks that entered Beatport's Top 10 Must Hear Progressive House this year, first 11 of them and 9 more additions with some of the hottest stuff from B:Co so far in 2012 to complete it.


01) Jelly For The Babies - Johannesburg (original mix)
02) Miraculum - Seismic Feather (Exoplanet remix)
03) Manufactura Deep - Long Night In Bentley (Scotty.A's Deeper Shade remix)
04) Li-Polymer - Flight To Barcelona (Magnetic Brothers remix)
05) Santiago Garcia - Frayed (original mix)
06) Li-Polymer - The Messenger (Santiago Garcia remix)
07) Ewan Rill - Aurora (original mix)
08) Allen Spion - Wire Murder (original mix)
09) J. Khobb - Luxlain (Mike Cotgrave's Psy-beach remix)
10) Verche - All Things Must Pass (original mix)
11) Ewan Rill - Hungry Night (original mix)
12) Stas Drive - Elevation (Scotty.A's Deeper Shade remix)
13) Li-Polymer - Flight To Barcelona (Andy King remix)
14) Demian & Sebastian - No Words (Rikesto remix)
15) Ewan Rill - Dreaming About Calm (Martin Etchegaray & Sebastian Lah Remix)
16) Verche - All Things Must Pass (Rikesto Bogota remix)
17) Stas Drive & Enformig - Aquamarine (Scotty.A's Deeper Shade remix)
18) Ezequiel Anile - Spring Breeze (Jelly For The Babies remix)
19) Marc Pollen - None Too Soon (original mix)
20) Ewan Rill - Fantastic Music (G 'N' P Tauro remix)

Release Date: June 25 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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