We are glad to present the BAIRES011
Here to introduce you one of our new artist called "Hiroyuki Arakawa" with a huge pack of tracks with some great remixes.

Welcome to Baires Records family.

From Japan to the world, Hiroyuki is doing a great job with this tracks, pure bombs are on the go by this man. Aggressive basslines and with some groovy percussions are a sign on this guy. Originally from Japan Hiroyuki is showing us a new way of feeling to the electronic music... His creativity is one of his best talents, different kind of styles he use to fusionate.

And one of the most important things we use to reproduce in our label is that the tracks are really effective on the dancefloor.

The remixes are full of colors…

We have an awesome remix from two of our friends from Berlin, George and Arthur, where in this opportunity they made a great job on the bassline with some powerful low frequencies and some deep atmos. A great track to introduce you in to a dark journey.

John from Ireland, most known as "Lateral cut groove", as the name said, the groove is a trade mark of this guy. With a huge pick time track, with some trippy elements, that can make move a big rock with just the echoes from that frequencies.

"Pete McCarthey" once again with us. He already work for Baires Records with his successful remix of "Insane" by Stefan Djordjevic, now this time he goes with a new sample of his talent, rocking synths and groove on all sides.

And the last remix is from our friend "Stephan Djordjevic", he did an atomic bomb, really good track for the pick time. A great fusion between tech house and progressive and some crazy synth with a lot of personality.

Masterized by Luis Bondio
Designed by Jesus Luna

Baires Records


01) Hiroyuki Arakawa - Eater (Original Mix)
02) Hiroyuki Arakawa - Eater (Lateral Cut Groove Remix)
03) Hiroyuki Arakawa - Red (Original Mix)
04) Hiroyuki Arakawa - Red (Pete McCarthey Night Mix)
05) Hiroyuki Arakawa - Red (Stefan Djordjevic Remix)
06) Hiroyuki Arakawa - Red (George Delkos and Artur Reimer Remix)

Release Date: June 18 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Hiroyuki Arakawa - Red (Pete McCarthey Night Mix) @ Beatport's Top 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks Week 25

10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks Week 25 :: Beatport

Follow the link below to listen previews on YouTube:

Hiroyuki Arakawa - Red // Baires Records - YouTube

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