Hi guys,

Electronic duo artists Planet Soap, aka Federico Monguzzi and Luca De Giuli, release their first vinyl
and their most surprising album of 9 full length tracks.

On VELVET HE1 all of Planet Soap's influences can be heard.
From 2-Step and glitch hop vibes to detroit techno, Dubstep and garage.
A perfect evolution of electronic bass music, and a new sound experience for clubs and elsewhere!

Before, Planet Soap produced 3 EP on Car Crash Set (USA Label) and another EP on Robox Neotech (Berlin's Label) with Damscray (Russian beatmaker from Demokracy) called "Planet Terror". Recently, Starkey played their songs into his program on BBC Radio 1extra.


*Vinyl 12"/ 180g black full colour sleeve available now on : Bigcartel Cascaderecords — Planet Soap - Velvet HE1
Bandcamp VELVET HE1 | Cascade Records
Toolbox :Cascade Records 03 - Planet Soap - Cascade Records - Toolbox records - votre disquaire vinyle

*Digital available now on : Bandcamp VELVET HE1 | Cascade Records
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Juno Velvet HE1 by Planet Soap on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

*Official video teaser here : Planet Soap "Velvet HE1" Video Teaser (Cascade Records, 12inch series) - YouTube

All infos : http://www.cascaderecords.fr