Prato & Blastique feat Adrienne - Rock Steady

Prato & Blastique feat Adrienne - Rock Steady (Kid Chameleon Remix)

Prato & Blastique feat Adrienne - Rock Steady (Rory Hoy Remix)

Prato & Blastique feat Adrienne - Rock Steady (48k Remix)

Prato & Blastique feat Adrienne - Rock Steady (Eshericks Remix)

Scritch - BOOOOOM, what a great piece of work. The remixes are great, but I think the original is difficult to improve on. There are sections in all the remixes that are really good, and different people will like them for various reasons, but the original version of this tune is hot like ever and I'll be pushing it in my sets for the next couple of months, at least. Expect this to get some love from me on NSB Radio, KISS FM (in Australia) and be played at several gigs I have lined up in the Philippines and the San Francisco Bay area in May and June.
Scott Remedy - Hard to pick a favorite... Quality release! 10/10
Ellgieff - Wow. 5 producers I really, really like on this package - and it's someone else's remix that does the business for me. No-one dissappoints, but it's the Rory Hoy remix that really grabbed me. Full support on the whole package from me.
Dusted Breaks - Eshericks remix is rather bloody huge Innit!!!
Morphosis - Loving the horns in the Rory Hoy remix!
Ape Records - Massive release, loving the eshericks remix
Broken Eye - 48k tune doing it for us!
Bertie Dastard - Wicked remix package of a quality original. All mixes very varied but all still very playable. Eshericks mix just pips it for me. Peak time breakbeat done proper. Gonna be hammering that one!
Run Riot - Eshericks Remix smashes it!
Digital Sensations - wow really nice package here hard to pick a favourite but I'm gonna go with the 48k remix, absolutely wicked groove to it all tracks wonderfully produced big ups!
Boba - Strong pack right here,my favs are the 48k & Eshericks remix's, both these will play for sure, loads of energy and my thing. Original & Rory Hoy both these are sweet but not as strong for me as the other 2 originals. And Kid Chameleon remix is off the wall, this is out there, madness, but like it.
Mobius - Return to form for Eshericks on his remix here, pick of the bunch for me but there's a mix here for everyone I'd wager
Youthful Implants - such a killer release this, every mix is great. for me the Eshericks mix is the standout but I'm sure I'll be road testing the original and 48k mixes as well.
Pete Helskanki - Two standout remixes by Eshericks and 48k. Each has a very interesting individual take and delivers just the right amount of vocal amongst quality sound design and well though out arrangement.
Bass Reflections - Absolutely amazing release! Love all of the remixes and the original! It was really hard to pick a favorite but I went with Eshericks for posterity. Great job and will definitely be supporting and playing this! Great job as always mark!
Mad Team - MEGA SUPPORT !!!!
Inconspicuous Villian - Whoa!! The Eshericks remix is going straight to the top of every chart out there!!!
TPIF - Nice to see Blastique still in the scene (big ups dude!) Eshericks remix is Phat. Peace
Retroid - 48K and Eshericks remix for me!
Distorsion Records - Amazing release friends!Love remix of 48k & Eshericks!
Deckwrecker Mark - This is a very good tune, loving Kid Cs remix there is a lot of talent there! 48k is good also and this is the mix Id be most likely to play in my sets. But on listening again the original is incredible.
Danny Reject - Nice work all round. Love the Rory Hoy and 48k mixes, but Eshericks wins out for me. Another top package from Yellow Finger!
Mezza - Been looking forward to this release, going to be big!!!
Llupa - cheers for this -some great tracks on this, but pick for me is the 48K as more along the vibes of what I play..sweet release!
Marty B - Bit of a hard choice between Eshericks and 48k.....crikey what a release!!! Epic!
Tom Clyde - Impressive pack! All tune are very strong - so good vox is helping=) my choice: Eshericks remix - sick tune! Also feel the vibe in original and 48k remix! full support
Beatmassa - Been DYING for this one to come out - CRAZINESS by Eshericks on the remix
Deadfamous - Definitely the rory hoy mix all day. i'd definitely play that. more funky biz!
Kickflip - Eshericks and 48k belt out a pair of winning remixes right here! Kid Chameleon also turns in a tidy rework.
3-Parts DJ - All of these are fucking immense! Cant really pick a favourite as they're all sick. Full support in every way possible from us lot!
VIM Records - Awesome package! Something for everybody.....killer original, massive remixes!! Hard to pick just one fave but i feel most the original and RORY HOY remix....funky tings!!!
DJ Hook - Great release, full of awesome tunes...I will make a review for sure dude.
Home Alone - Great original and great eshericks remix!
Yreane - Eshericks and 48k remixes are for me here. Love the vocals lots! Cool release.