After a winter of trying to keep ourselves out of trouble and failing miserably we’re back bigger and better than ever.

To kick the party off in fine DO IT! style we’re taking a road trip to South London, that’s right party people we’re leaving the legendary Daslton Superstores bass-ment and making our way across the river to one of London hottest underground Clubs: “Cable”.

We’re extremely excited to announce we will be hosting room 2 for Faster on Sunday 6th May.

As ever we’ll be providing you the dance floor with the freshest new underground talent.

Check this out for a line up:

I Killed Kenny
We’re Not Cool!
Unit 9
Not Shy


I Killed Kenny:

Purveyors of the 808.
Seany & Barni are two students who make music that draws influence from:
House, Garage, Dubstep, Grime and Hip-Hop.
Their debut EP - LEECHES was released on Four40 Records in November 2011, featuring talented London MC - KODER.

Their tracks have been played on Radio 1, XFM, Rinse FM,
Choice FM to name a few and their unique brand of beats and bass has featured in the sets of many seminal DJs and broadcasters throughout the World.

The NME like their name apparently...

They’re currently working on a bunch of new genre-bending material.

Make sure you check out their soundcloud:

I Killed Kenny's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free


Unit 9:

We’re massive fans of these two Guilford now London Bass-ed Bad Men.
After they smashed the Sh*t out of the Superstore Basement back 2010 we’ve been dieing to get them back at DO IT!
Now armed with weekly prime time Friday night show on Kane FM the lads are on Fire.
Expect nothing but madness from the Bert and Ernie of BASS MUSIC.

UNIT 9 | Mixcloud - Re-think radio


As ever our residences We’re Not Cool! and Not Shy will be digging through their digital crates to provide you with the most upfront music they can get their hands on.
There’s no work on Monday so you can expect this to be a rather mental DO IT!.


If that wasn’t enough Faster’s main room will be going off to the sound of:

Marcus Intalex
Dom & Roland
Doc Scott


2Shy MC

Advanced Tickets - £14
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For more info see:

Faster - Bank Holiday Sunday 6th May Cable, London. | Facebook

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Twitter: Faster (@FasterEvents) on Twitter

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