Fresh ideas from BreakZhead has been transformed in music! "It's Massive!" - Tough 110 bpm stuff and "Time's up!" will tell you more about booty breaks and will make your body shake)

genre: BREAKS
catalog number: SUBTRIBE065
release date: Beatport - 16/04/2012, Other Stores - 14/05/2012



DJ Rating: "Both tracks are wicked thanks for the download .... reckon its massive edges it for me"

Duane Barry: "Ufffff! It's massive is exactly what it says on the tin - huge beats and I love that bassline full support from me!!"

Macho: "Nice tracks!"

Sketi: "It's Massive is... well.. MASSIVE. Great track. Will definitely sit in my sets. :D"

SK-2: "I can only assume by the title that you're referring to that bassline because it truly is MASSIVE!! Can't wait to hear this on a huge soundsystem, will be dropping this at the weekend for sure!!"

Kid Digital: "It's really massive! Pure BREAKBEAT!"

Inconspicuous Villain : "Massive indeed! I will most definitly be playing these tunes!!!"

Kickflip: "It's Massive sounding hot here!"

Ali Mobius: "Really like the vibe on the title track but doesn't fit into my sets, will give Times Up! a spin though"

Left/Right: "Nice sounds!"

Leuce Rhythms: "Great release! 'It's Massive' is the pick of the*bunch for it's RAW energy...* 'Time's up!' also got my booty shakin' too*:)"

Llupa: "Both of these are solid, cool to hear some more usual vibes from the guys. Time's Up is my fave - love the big beat styles - cool party breaks"


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