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Rosh - Blue Murder

Coming from the Wirral in the north west of the UK Rosh is a teenage MC with pure promise... This talented MC has put together 13 sparkling tracks using not only his own musical vision but collaborating with such talents as O.Zed ,Optimistic and ECKS...

the vocals producing tracks such as "the Chamber" a twisted talent of the evil MC.. tracks such "conquest" and "come in" are a clear signal to the BIG boys in the records industry to take note.... ROSH is coming and he aint gonna stop till he hits the top..

his lad is brimming with talent and without doubt has the talent to be BIG..massive...if fact if I'm honest I'm not sure why he isn't already.....

His vocal style sets him apart from those idiot Dot Rotten/Dizzie rascal copy cat wannabes and at times his rhymes border on genius....

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