Roll up for an Easter special!! ... a super glam fam, dressed up , lipstick lovin', bikini waxin', powder puffin', wig spinnin', tinsel

twirlin' spectacular!!!


We will be kicking up our heels and putting our best knickers on for a major disco dazzler of a party on Sunday Bank Holiday 8th April
at Dalston Superstore's gonna be a dragbag delight full of eyelashes, glamour and tits ...a TRANNY TRASH spectacular!!!

Headlining is international french fancy the amazing CHLOE whose deep driving house style has seen her play across the world from Panarama Bar to Robert Johnson and DC10 in Ibiza. Producing music on labels like Bpitch control and her own Kill The DJ this will be a rare London appearance for
her in the turbo charged basement of Superstore.

Plus fabulous Tranny aerobics from those who can ...

* Jonny Woo * John Sizzle * A Man To Pet * Ma Butcher

and DJ's in their heels ...

*CHLOE (Bpitch control)
*Hannah Holland (Trailer Trash)
*Michelle Moist (Trailer Trash)
* Alexandra Parade (TrailerTrash
*Nicola Fisher (GutterSlut)
*Joshleyne Caffe (Batty Bass)
*Dame Squeaky (Tutti Frutti)

So dress up and impress yerself and come get yer Tranny on!!!
TT crew xx

Free B4 10pm / £5 after

Dalston Superstore
117 Kingsland High Street
E8 2PB