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About: Our debut album, Indigo, is finally out! We produced 11 tracks of different genres like progressive house, techno, electro, dubstep, and glitch-hop, trying to cater to different dance floor tastes, because we, as listeners, like several different styles and dynamic albums as well, able to provide different emotional states.

We started working on this album part time on September 2011, using some of our old tracks and remixing them, but most of the album was produced from scratch. It was quite difficult to get the album finished, due to epic system crashes (we love Windows LOL), lack of time and concentration so in late February we had the album finished.

So here it is! You can download "Indigo" in mp3 and wave and all tracks are ready to remix, as you can also download the multitracks.

If you like us and what we do, well, there are several ways to get involved: tell your friends, share our music on social networks, blogs, and reuse our work. You can do this by doing a remix, video, animation, etc. Our songs are licensed under the Creative Commons so we would love to see or hear what you’ve done and to share your work. But most important, send us your feedback on what you think of our work in social networks or even send us an email.

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Video for "Empire" by VuAir, check their work at: VuAir - a new perspective on aerial video or VuAir | Facebook

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