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D'stream is back on Bedroomrecords09 with his new EP named "Blowing A Fuse". This EP includes four original tracks that make up a little story. Welcome back to D'stream in our family. Cover by © Bogdan Grigore.

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Read this article made by Ableton about this artist on this link : Ableton - Make a Track from a Toothbrush - Sound Design from a Single Source in Live

Ableton Blog :

"Sometimes, limitation is just what you need to jolt your creative muscles. In David Engström's case, that limitation involved making an entire track using just the buzzing sound from his wife's electric toothbrush. See how the impressive results came together below :

Link : Household Techno. Starring: the electric Toothbrush - YouTube

Cover By : Bogdan Grigore

D'stream - Blowing A Fuse EP [BR45]

Tracks :

01 : Mail Order (Original Mix)
02 : Unpack And Assembly (Original Mix)
03 : Autoshake (Original Mix)
04 : Blowing A Fuse (Original Mix)

Genre : House Music
Release Date : 15 March 2012
Label : Bedroomrecords09
Catalog #BR45

Video Preview : D'stream - Blowing A Fuse EP [BR45] [Preview] - Bedroomrecords09 on Vimeo

Soundcloud Preview : D'stream - Blowing a fuse EP [out now] by David "D'stream" Engström on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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Itunes : iTunes - Music - Blowing A Fuse EP by D'stream

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