Stepping up big-time with this FREE track feat. Dennean,'The Flashback Project' delivers a twisted, upbeat 140 Jungle Breaks style riddum for you all to take n' play. This free download is completely slamming and choke full of bass, heavy tearing vibes, crisp beats, uplifting melodies and electro street rhythms! Adding to the mix, Dennean hits the jackpot once again as her bluesy, seductive vocals provide perfect contrast to the 140bpm pounding bass-driven breakbeat backdrop. This free track has all it's vibes set to the max, so you know it's sure to make the party blow!!


If that weren't enough, we're also tossing in a mega immense DJ MIX & INTERVIEW from the mighty Flashback containing some background info and a hint of his newest dubs and other forthcoming goodies from Downbeat.


We are giving away this FREE MUSIC for free celebrating Flashback’s killer second release on Downbeat titled, 'New Wave' & 'Hear Lies' feat. Dennean.
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Give us a brief history of 'The Flashback Project'

The concept behind forming The Flashback Project in 2006, was simply to bring the ‘rave’ vibe back into the breaks scene. At the time there were only a handful of underground artists making the more rave-based breakbeat tracks, so we naturally slotted into that niche, making predominantly piano-based 140-145bpm rave breakbeat. We signed tracks to Mertwax, Tornado Records, Junki Munki Records, Uppacutz and Ravebreakz, before being picked up by Slipmatt & Billy Bunter’s imprint Can You Feel It Media, with our track ‘Ease The Pressure’ (with Angie Brown). This track enjoyed success in the digital download charts and featured on many albums as it was licensed to the Ministry Of Sound and a host of other labels. As the new ‘ravebreakz‘ scene was developing, DJ Kutski at BBC Radio 1 started to represent the sound which led to us receiving consistent BBC airplay and coverage. More recently we have stepped back into the 140bpm bass-driven jungle arena with releases on Firewall Records, Uplifting Rhythm and at the end of 2011 have had our first release on Downbeat Productions. As 2012 continues we are concentrating 100% on releasing with Downbeat and have lots in store for this space!

What was your first tune to be released?

Our first release was a white label promo in 2007 on Mertwax - a track called ‘Hands In The Air’ with Stu & Nee.

Why breaks and what got you guys into it?
Breakbeat has been a big influence for us since the early ‘90s so it was only natural to gravitate to the breaks scene..

What equipment do you use to produce and what is your favorite piece of studio gear?

Software-wise, Massive and Sylenth seem to be popular and hardware-wise, The AKAI APC40 is always good for experimenting with ideas in Ableton

How do you work when creating a new tune or a remix?
Initially we use a combination of Logic and Ableton to generate ideas for the track (samples, rhythms, beats, bass etc.), before completing and polishing the track with our Flashback Project engineer of choice.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars definitely. Never really got into Star Trek..!

What do you listen to other than breaks?
We have a very wide taste in music. The Beatles, Bob Marley and Pink Floyd are all inspirational, although we love everything from The Smiths, old school hip hop and reggae to classical music.

What do you do to pass the time when you're not producing music?

Playing shows in the UK and abroad, looking after my other half and keeping a watchful eye on my two cats seems to take up most of my time when not producing music!

What do you think of the current state of 140 breaks worldwide and where do you see it in the future?
To be honest I think that it’s a really exciting time at the moment. It’s good that 140bpm breaks and the ‘rave’ angle has got some recognition within the mainstream breaks scene, although respect has got to be paid to innovators like Mechanoise, Ctrl Z, and many other DJs/producers/labels in the UK, Europe and across the world who championed the original ‘tear-out’ breaks sound, without whom there wouldn’t be much of a 140 bass-driven jungle scene at the moment! I think that the scene can only get bigger and stronger as it and evolves - with the growing amount of talented producers making fantastic music there’s plenty of excitement to come I’m sure..

On your newest single, we see vocalist Dennean feat. on both tracks. How did you two hook up?
Dennean has been friends for many years and as we have used her vocals on past productions it made sense to use her again. Her vocals set the mood perfectly on any track and we will be working together on future tracks and our live P.A.

Cats or Dogs?
Cats for sure - Not had much experience with dogs but have had cats all my life and currently have 2 beautiful white Rescue Cats sharing my world.. :-)

Are you scared of Zombies?
Very! Not forgetting other supernatural chancers.. ;-)

What was the most interesting gig you've ever played?
Innovation in Zurich, Switzerland with Micky Finn & the crew was definitely a memorable night - A sell-out event in Zurich with thousands of party people going mad to the sounds Drum n Bass and Old Skool Hardcore - mental!

Give us some insight on future releases and gigs.
There a few UK shows planned in the next couple of months along with dates in Poland and Romania being confirmed. Release-wise we have a track featured on the forthcoming Downbeat Allstars Album (DBP050), and further releases planned on Downbeat throughout the year.

Shouts and influences
Massive shouts and props go out to Ceos, Arcee, Rankin & all at Downbeat Productions, Kutski, Annie Nightingale, Slipmatt, Billy Bunter, Lucas Top Drawer Digital, Sanxion, Aquasky, Jay Cunning, Nicky & Scott Pyramid, Yoof, PJ & Smiley Shut Up and Dance, Jackski, Twista, and anyone and everyone who listens to and supports our music - thank you!

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