Prato - Keeps Ya Movin

Prato - Keeps Ya Movin (Myagi Remix)

Hoax - Both solid tunes! Really digging the shuffling groove in the Myagi remix, bigups!
Dusted Breaks - Full support on Myagi remix!
Lady Waks - Nice one!
Youthful Implants - Really like both of these. I'm pretty sure Myagi played the remix at Rainbow Serpent festival here in Aus last weekend and it sounded huge haha. Liking Paul's original too its got that Bodyrocks synth sound and thats always a winner!
Llupa - Great party vibes on the original, Myagi turns it more into a head groover - nice to have him back. Solid release - much support here
Roxright - Diggin the vibe on the Myagi remix!
Scott Remedy - Prato brought the fire on this one!!
Rejectbeats - Like the original, but Myagi take it nice and deep. Skillz
Stephen Cole - Nice job on both mixes. Really diggin the Myagi remix!
VIM records - Nice MYAGI remix! Will support!!
Barrcode - Quality Breaks.
Bass Reflections - Love the original. Solid party vibe with big grooves. Prato and YellowFinger did not disappoint with this one!
Dads Disco - An excellent start to 2012 for mr Prato ...... Myagi remix is a good stonker.
3-Parts DJ - Loving the Myagi remix!
Beatmassa - Another fun tune by Prato - proper amount of synth and percussive goodness to ensure I'll be playing this the first opportunity I get.
Deadfamous - Definitely the myagi mix. That's a fucking groove right there.
Tom Clyde - Original mix is perfect for house dancefloors: catchy vox, driving electro groove! My choice is Myagi mix! great teck-funk tune!
Mobius - Both mixes of this sound really nice from a 1st listen, will have to spin them both in a set to pick a favourite properly!
Lazyboy - Prato knocked this one out of the park - solid party breaks mover.
Ultraphonix Recordings - Good use of a classic sample, very tech-ish with a solid breakbeat to drive them. I like the original one more than the b-side remix, both are hot tune, i just like the original a lil more, but 2 thumbs up on the release!
Distorsion records - Love the original, large acids!
Scritch - Myagi steals the show on this release!
D*funk - Really like both of these & both will get plays from me. Thanks for sending!
Digital Sensations - Haha. This is not what I was expecting but I love it! Sounds like some old Pizzaman tracks from day in the way! Wonderfully wonky!
Yreane - Myagi remix is really nice.
Kickflip - Big ravey hooks in the original, love it! Might do a reedit to beef it up a bit, but definitely supporting.