I am advertising my web-site which I believe offers a sound and complete system for the production of professional turntable music. The web-site is called "The Iconic Prism Installation",found via google, and it offers the recreation of both the stave and octave for the exclusive use in turntable music production.Most notably the production of turntable music is I believe a founding attribute of the hugely successful Shine night held in Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland. Shine has been an event that has offered all of the important names in turntable music production and I hope all of the acts will be as enthusiastic as I that a sound professional platform has been achieved via my work as DJ and media man. CHRISTOPHER MCMAHON BA(HONS) MEDIA STUDIESI do believe my installation should soon be worked into formal contracts between distributors and labels, labels and producers, encouraging a media subjectivity celebrating original music and a new musicological instrument.I hope that you and your people can assisst in enforcing/prescribing the web-site/installation in the production of every future example of club/dj music. Please respond to confirm that you have read this message. Thank you. Forward the revolution.