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Sativa Records announce the worldwide release of Born inna Babylon, the second album from UK Reggae Dancehall star YT.

After the success of his debut album ‘Straight outta Britain’ (2006), YT`s reputation as one of European reggae’s leading exponents has continued to gain momentum resulting in serious radio and sound system coverage as well as extensive touring in Europe and Worldwide.

This album picks up where ‘Straight outta Britain’ left off. Serious amounts of conscious lyrics ably enhanced by super-heavyweight production featuring the skills of the UK’s premiere Reggae producers Curtis Lynch Jr and Dready (Formerly J.D.) as well as tracks from other top producers hailing from around Europe.

The album showcases collaborations with vocalists including the legendary Daddy Freddy, Million Stylez, Shola Ama, Blackout (JA), and the UK’s homegrown hip-hop icon – Skinnyman.

In the words of David Rodigan, YT is “an original and inspiring social commentator", a fact that is well highlighted in tracks like ‘Baby Father’, ‘Hold the Faith’ and the title track from the album ‘Born inna Babylon’.