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Evidential - Running up the Hill

This is Evidential a musician from North West London. Coming fresh from a career within the legal profession (no not law enforcement) Evidential is articulate and both politically and socially aware. Evidential first conceived the idea of running up the hill with the arrival of the World financial economic crisis where the smell of "almost" perfumed the air and the constant chatter of doom and gloom added the up hill feeling to almost every household the world over.

Evidential's social commentary touches on every issue and concern that faces the ordinary man/woman on the street his style peppers old skool and new skool beats with a sense of hope, respect and positivity a message that is, for the most part, not readily available through the main stream recording.

Evidential decribes what he does like this... "my music is like the news, my job is similar to the job of a news presenter on the TV, I am providing you with a social commentary on the things that affect our lives with just a touch of my own North London G -style."

"Running Up The Hill" is Evidential's debut here on Housefly Records and we here hope to hear many more volumes from this purely talented UK Hip Hop artist...