Champion Puffa Inna 2012 Jungle Set Recorded Live on Renegade Radio 107.2FM 27th Jan 2012


RM In The Jungle - Renegade Genius
Jungle - Remnant
Chronic Riddum - Mr Phlyte
Champion Sound (95 Bootleg Final Version) - Renegade Genius
In The Jungle Deep - DJ Abyss
Jungle Muffin (Simon harris 2012 Remix) - The Moog
Come Fi Mash It Up - DJ LAB
Donnette (Jungle Remix) - DJ LAB
The Other Side - DJ LAB
The Torcher Thing (VIP Mix) - The Sicarii
Chasing Shadows - Ruff Tactics
Hitman (Evade Remix) - Marvelous Caine
Give It (Sub Bartez Remix) - Simply Vibes
Good Girl Gone Bad - Psycho Freud
Babylon Time Warp (Bladerunner Remix) - Durban Poison
Black (Bladerunner Remix) - DJ SS
Ruffest Gun Ark - Top Cat
Crying Out (Serial Killaz Remix) - Benny Page
Walk n Skank (Northan Lights Remix) - Serial Killaz
Ticka Tock - Nu Elementz & Decimal Bass
Game Of Death - Benny Page & Zero G
Mad Again (feat. The Ragga Twins) - DJ Sly
Who Is It (Bladerunner Remix) - Firefox
Why They Wanna - David Boomah & Serum
Puffa's Anthem - Champion Puffa
Forum Fannies - Double Zero
I Need Your Lovin (Simon Harris & Yello-Phaze 2012 Remix) NRG
Mind Blowing Beats (Dodders Remix) - Renegade Genius
Jonny (Y4K Remake) - DJ Nee
Terminator (S.P.Y. Remix) - Rufige Kru
Super Renegade Shooter - Garry Bynon
Junglist (Original) - Rebel MC
Champion DJ (Blue Print Remix) - Blackstar Feat. Top Cat
Fever (Defending Souljah) - Tribe Of issachar
Code Red - Congo Natty
No Hats In The Curry House - Shameless