Artist : Saigon
Album : Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave (2012)
Genre : Hip-Hop
Quality : mp3 192 kbps
Size: 85 megs


01. One Foot In The Grave Intro (Feat. Just Blaze) [Prod. By Saigon]
02. BBB (Real Niggaz Never Die) [Prod. By Sire]
03. I'm 4 Real [Prod. By DJ Corbett]
04. Hungry [Prod. By Sire]
05. Yeah Yeah [Prod. By Shuko]
06. Bring The Down Pt 3 1/2 (Feat. Joe Budden) [Prod. By Just Blaze & DJ Corbett]
07. Say Yes Again [Prod. By Ouiet]
08. Come Again 2012 [Prod. By Ez Elpee]
09. Women Are The New Dogs (Feat. Jovan Dais) [Prod. By Red Spyda]
10. Kinki [Prod. By Sire]
11. When Did U Get Hot [Prod. By Brain]
12. Moscato Flow
13. Cutdabullshit, cutdabullshit [Prod. By Green Lantern]
14. Another Man Down (Feat. Lil Fame) [Prod. By DJ Corbett]
15. WFKR Talk Radio Skit
16. War And Chaos [Prod. By Scram Jones & Just Blaze]
17. Where To Find Me (Feat. Quan)
18. Learning As We Go Alone (Feat. Rough Of Good Guy Gang)
19. Mr. Cool (That Ain't Cool) [Prod. By Scram Jones]