Chess Move Cartel brings you "Intricate Moves Vol 1" the first in a series of dedicated Scratch D/Turntablism albums. Think along the lines of the 1995 'Return of the DJ' album series (the first all dj/all scratching, turntablist album) but with "Intricate Moves" the whole album is dedicated to one DJ alone. Expect Hip Hop beats covering a wide span of styles laced with Production & Cuts by DJ JabbaThaKut from the Chess Move Cartel.

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iTunes - Music - Intricate Moves 1 DJ Jabbathakut by Chess Move Cartel

Chess Moves are currently working with more DJ's on the series and Volume 2 has already been completed by DJ GrazzHoppa and is scheduled for release later this year.'Intricate Moves Vol 2' will be released on Def Jam/Island Records Digital Distribution.

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