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Thread: Get loaded in the park 2009

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    Default Get loaded in the park 2009

    Laurent Garnier (live)
    Miss Kitten & The Hacker (live)
    Pendulum (DJ Set & MC Jakes)
    Chase & Status (& MC Rage)
    Felix Da Housecat
    Rob Da Bank
    Marina & The Diamonds
    Steve Aoki
    The Bloody Beetroots (DJ Set)
    Eddy Temple Morris
    + Many more Headline Acts to be announced very soon!


    Weekend Tickets are now on sale for the whole Clapham Weekender which includes Get Loaded in the Park and its sister festival South West Four. South West Four takes place on Clapham Common the day before Get Loaded on Bank Holiday Saturday 29th August and features DJ legends Sasha & John Digweed (back to back) as headliners. Weekend Tickets are priced £70 + booking fee (a saving of £5) and are on sale exclusively through Ticketmaster. For more information on South West Four please visit: South West Four

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    NEWS JUST IN......

    Get Loaded in the Park unleashes some exclusive new festival performances from a multitude of iconic artists from all over the planet and different musical persuasions. From jazzy techno, to drum n bass, dubstep, breaks, filthy electro and glitzy pop... all the boxes are ticked for this latest line-up announcement, as headliners Orbital, plus guests Röyksopp, Laurent Garnier, Booka Shade, Pendulum DJ Set, Chase & Status, Crookers, Miss Kitten & The Hacker and Felix Da Housecat are joined by a healthy new chunk of acts just added to the bill...


    * RONI SIZE REPRAZENT (UK Festival Exclusive)

    Read about the full announcement here:
    Get Loaded in the Park

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    holla this is a wicked was there b4 see you guys there cant wait hope the sun is out party on

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    Scandinavian superstars Röyksopp have kindly signed not 1, but 5 copies of their brand spanking new CD ‘Junior’ for 5 lucky winners to get your hands on! The guys are back to their very best with this album with guest vocals coming at ya from the likes of Robyn, Lykke Li and Karin from The Knife. To win yourself a copy, simply answer this easy question...

    Q. What country are Röyksopp from?
    A, India
    B, Norway
    C, Fiji

    If you know the answer then email, marking ROYKSOPP CD in the subject, and please include your full postal address. The winners will be announced online on Friday 16th May. Good luck!

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    Just in time for the summer, the Roni Size stable has kindly donated a number of rather fetching Reprazent T-Shirts (available in blue and black) and the classic single ‘Don’t Hold Back’ in this week’s killer Get Loaded competition.

    Q. Which major award did Roni Size Reprazent once win?
    A, Mercury Music Prize
    B, PFA Player of the Year
    C, An Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

    If you know the answer then email, marking RONI SIZE CD in the subject, and please include your full postal address. The winners will be announced online on Friday 22nd May. Good luck!


    Everything you ever wanted to know about Peaches is now available to watch in a fascinating mini video documentary on her website. Back in 2009 with her amazing new album ‘I Feel Cream’, Peaches gives a fascinating insight in her rather crazy life, with exclusive interview material, backstage access and footage from her riotous gigs! Check it out!

    Watch the video here:PEACHES - I FEEL CREAM


    Big thanks to everyone who entered our Röyksopp competition, we literally received hundreds of emails and chose the winners completely at random!! Congratulations to the 5 winners who’ll each be the envy of all their friends with their very own signed Röyksopp CD...

    * Martin Ling
    * Kate Auborn
    * Jonathan Bird
    * Robin Newcombe
    * Steve Lawson


    We caught up with the acclaimed German electronic duo ahead of their festival set at Get Loaded in the Park and asked them about life on the road, their favourite festival moment and if they would ever consider reforming Planet Claire! Read on...


    How/when did you first meet?
    We met in a school band at the age of 13.

    Which bands influenced you when you first got together?
    The Cure, New Order, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode.

    You’ve won a lot of awards over the years, are there any in particular you’d like to get under your belt?
    We’re not particularly keen on awards, but we like all kinds of audience awards because they show the appreciation of the fans. We’re very thankful for that.

    2008 was one of your busiest years yet, is 2009 set to be the same?
    We try and take it a bit easier this year and prepare for a big world tour to promote our next album which will be released early 2010. But to keep us busy, we started to DJ, which is very exciting and inspiring at the moment.

    With your extremely busy schedule when do you have the time to write new material? Do you write a lot on tour?
    The last two albums and the DJ Kicks compilation we did last year were all produced on the road. There’s just no other way, and nowadays there’s so much you can do with the laptop. When we returned to our studio in Berlin we did recordings such as vocals, analog synths or the classical orchestra you hear on two songs.

    You’ve worked together for a long time, what would you say are the key things in making a music duo work?
    Mutual respect, same vision, and it seems we complement each other pretty well.

    Which do you prefer the production side or performing live?
    We love both, really. They became integral parts of our life, and we couldn’t live without it. Working quietly in our isolated studio is wonderful, and absorbing the energy of the raving audience is overwhelming. We have such wonderful and enthusiastic fans!

    What are the key elements that make up your set?
    Walter’s keyboards and Arno’s drums. People love to see us work hard on our instruments and sweat. The audience sees that we give a lot of energy and they return it.

    Do you plan a festival set differently to a club set?
    Not really. We take the freedom and play a slow song like ‘Outskirts’ even on the main stage with 30,000 people that want to rave. And our audience respects that. I believe they are even thankful and appreciate that the groove changes.

    What’s the best thing about playing at a music festival?
    When it´s outside: the fresh air! The production normally is on a very high standard and we can share our music with a lot of people.

    Favourite festival memory?
    We played a festival in Andalucia, Spain. We arrived in the night and wondered why the promoters set up a festival in the middle of nowhere, 2 hours away from the closest airport. During our set the sun came up and we realised that we and an audience of 20,000+ people were right by the beach of the Mediterrean Sea. It sent goosebumps down my spine.

    Favourite festival drink?
    The same as everywhere else: a lot of still water and a good whisky.

    So many bands these days are reforming and doing comeback tours, is there any chance Planet Claire will reform? : )
    As if the world didn´t have enough problems...

    Are you looking forward to playing Get Loaded in the Park in London this summer?
    For the festival summer we work on a new and bigger production - more instruments, more lights... more everything! We can´t wait to present it to our fans!! See you soon!

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    Default Get loaded in the park 2009, stage just announced...


    With rumours of an actual summer happening in the UK this year (shock horror!), it looks likely that another Bank Holiday scorcher should prevail over at Get Loaded in the Park. Saying that, the weather has always been kind to us over the past 5 years, and this summer the sun looks set to shine even brighter on Clapham Common as we can reveal the first Stage to be announced in full, including some new acts just added to the festival bill....



    Read about the full announcement here:
    Get Loaded in the Park

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    Default Get loaded in the park 2009...


    We’ve got our hands on 5 copies of Trip’s forthcoming debut album ‘Shortcuts’. Out in the shops soon, Shortcuts is a seriously slick album from Trip - one of our hot tips for 2009. Already all over XFM with debut single ‘River Phoenix’, Trip is definitely an act we seriously recommend you check out this summer at the event. Head to his Myspace for more info: TRIP on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads and check out the video to his single below. Here’s the comp...

    Q. Who was River Phoenix?
    A, Captain of England’s cricket team from 1974-82
    B, Played Frank Butcher in Eastenders
    C, American Actor

    If you know the answer then email, marking TRIP in the subject, and please include your full postal address. The winners will be announced online on Monday 8th June. Good luck!


    We spoke to Finger Lickin’ Records’ legendary Krafty Kuts about returning to Get Loaded this summer, gigs down under and how the hell he got his name. Also check out 3 Youtube clips below featuring some of his best loved music – ‘Tricka Technology’, ‘Bass Phenomenon’ and new cut ‘Happiness’...

    GLITP: You’re returning to Get Loaded in the Park for the second time in a row this summer. How was it for you last year?
    KK: One of the best gigs of last year for me without a doubt. The weather was perfect the location spot on, the vibe electric and with Dynamite MC hyping the crowd the stage was set for an awesome show and it was absolutely crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Listened to a live recording on Kiss FM the next evening and it sent shivers down my spine such a fantastic day all-round!

    GLITP: Are you looking forward to Part 2 this summer?
    KK: Most definitely I have some tasty treats up my sleeve and some special tunes made exclusively for this event.

    GLITP: Which other acts on the bill are you gonna check out?
    KK: Orbital, Crookers, Roni Size, as many artists as I can fit to be honest. I am going to make a day of it as loads of my friends are coming down so just hoping the weather holds out.

    GLITP: How do you prepare for a festival performance such as Get Loaded?
    KK: Well to start with a great intro just to let everybody know that you are gonna tear the roof off!! Loads of classic festival tunes all specially edited, revamped and re-licked for the occasion and read the crowd to let them know you’re here to have a good time.

    GLITP: Is there any difference to how you would prepare for a club gig?
    KK: Absolutely at a festival you always have a shorter set time and also you maybe playing in the afternoon this can determine what tunes you play. Also a club vibe is more intimate and is a totally different vibe. In a club you can build it up much more slowly and change direction and play more underground tunes or new and unreleased tracks. Festivals are usually much bigger audiences so generally I play tunes people can relate to as I like to vibe with the crowd so a few classics are a must and some clever remixes always work a treat.

    GLITP: What equipment do you use for your DJs set these days?
    KK: This is my exact set up 3 x Pioneer CDJ MK3’s CD players, 1 Technics turntable and a Pioneer DJM 800 mixer please!!!

    GLITP: How big is your vinyl collection? Would you ever consider selling it?
    KK: Strangely enough I am in the process of sorting out all the unwanted promos and LP’s I don’t now play, but all the tunes I spent years searching for are too precious to let go. I have about 5000 records but when I had my record store about 8 years ago it was much bigger but I sold so many tunes just to keep the shop going as it was always so hard to make money selling music.

    GLITP: You’re about to drop new album ‘An Evening with Krafty Kuts’. This sees a return to your love of old skool, hip hop and all round party sounds. What’s the idea behind the album?
    KK: The new LP is going to be collection of what makes me tick and what inspires so it will have little of all the genres that I love. Hip Hop is a big part of my life and Funk also is a massive influence when I write music. Electro has been floating my boat for a long time since it originated back in the 80’s with Afrika Bambaataa, Hashim, Egyptian Lover the list is endless. The LP is definitely my best work to date and has some great songs with new Krafty flavours that I am just putting the finishing touches on. I love writing funky music and watching people’s reaction when they listen to it and the feedback I get back is a wonderful feeling this is what makes writing an LP so much fun.

    GLITP: What’s your favourite tune off the album?
    KK: I have a feeling it could be a tune called “Back To The Old Skool” (working title) this oozes summer time goodness I love it lashings of Krafty funk!!!!

    GLITP: Do you prefer mixing up the genres or a straight up breaks set?
    KK: Mixing it up dropping a in a few curve balls here and there I am always looking to surprise and captivate my audiences especially at the big festivals.

    GLITP: Which new artists are exciting you right now?
    KK: There are so many at the moment breaking through it’s very exciting times for dance music but for me La Roux, Proxy (Russian), Adsorb, Zariff, Sporty O the list is pretty big these are a few tasters.

    GLITP: Tell us the story behind your alias ‘Krafty Kuts’...
    KK: Long story but I will cut it down to size!!!! A few years back I started a breakdance club with a group of friends and we had some decks just to play music and work our routines out. One day I had a spin and tried to do some scratching and actually found that I was much better at this than busting my balls and bones breakdancing so I practiced, got better and better. One day while cutting & scratching away someone said hey that was a bit “Krafty” I thought hey that would make a good DJ name as I was searching for one then, but Krafty was just not enough. Then the cutting and scratching came into mind “Krafty Kuts” was born aged 17 and the rest is history!

    GLITP: You’ve won many awards, including the ‘Best DJ’ award at Breakspoll three years in a row. That’s a nice thing right?!
    KK: Yes I am very proud of my achievements and I think it makes all the hard work and determination worthwile but most of all I can look back and say yes I did achieve something with my life. I believe we are all gifted individuals it takes time to find out what we are best at. Like they say practice makes perfect and if you have the desire and drive to become the best at your chosen subject you can achieve many amazing things in life little or small with great rewards.

    GLITP: How’s the Finger Lickin’ family?
    KK: Still keeping busy and active one great big family with many talented artists we have all had many great parties and times together... Memories for life!!!

    GLITP: Australia has always been a home from home for you. What are the big gigs you play out there?
    KK: Field Day New Years Day in the middle of Sydney 25,000 people, Big Day Out Tour 30,000 plus, Parklife Tour, Breakfest Perth Amphitheatre, Summer Field Day Brisbane. Australia has so many wonderful festivals it is insane!

    GLITP: Would you ever consider moving out there?
    KK: Most defiantly without a doubt the weather, food, beaches and lifestyle are much more my way of life. As much as I love Brighton (UK) and all my family and friends are close I have a wonderful opportunity in Australia to try something new and fresh and also have so many great friends and work options there. I would be crazy not to make a go of it but it would be the hardest decision of my life.

    GLITP: What makes a good festival for you?
    KK: To start the weather, a beautiful sunny day and a good DJ! Location nice field in the middle of nowhere and an eclectic mix of music with camping a friendly vibe that’s all we need oh and helpful and friendly security as well.

    GLITP: The best things in life are…?
    KK: My 2 wonderful children & beautiful girlfriend Katie Lou!

    GLITP: Who has been your biggest influence musically?
    KK: It is impossible to name one person but Electro, Hip Hop, & Funk is the main reasons I tick musically. Fatboy Slim from when I first started as he has made so many great dance tunes that I just loved. But a friend of mine Kurt Baggaley and Jon Ide introduced me to Electro music back in the day and that is where my whole love affair for music began.

    GLITP: What’s on your IPod right now?
    KK: Actually listening to my “Back To Mine” compilation as it helps me reflect on all my musical inspirations over my life… love it !

    GLITP: Twitter. Bothered?
    KK: Not really. I am on there to keep up with what is happening around me but it’s not as fun as Facebook!

    GLITP: What’s the craftiest thing you’ve ever done?
    KK: Get a business flight all the way to Australia for both my lady & me for free very very Krafty indeed and bloody lovely as well!

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    Default Re get loaded in the park 2009...massive orbial competition!!


    This week, Get Loaded headliners Orbital have announced the release of their most well known tracks plus some new mixes via Rhino Records. Simply titled ‘ORBITAL 20’ the compilation celebrates 20 years of ground-breaking electronica, reworked and remixed onto 2 CD’s of generation-defining dance music. Featuring brand new remixes of ‘Halcyon’ (Tom Middleton) and ‘Lush‘ (Herve) with a remix of ‘Impact’ (James Zabelia), released on the i-Tunes version of the album. The collection also features previously unreleased live versions of ‘Impact’ (Live at Royal Albert Hall) and ‘Remind’ (Live in New York). “This compilation is the most definitive summary of our work since ‘Chime’ came out in 1989”, says Paul Hartnoll on the release of their definitive collection, “It's a great introduction, or indeed a reminder, of the story so far...”

    For more info head to: <>


    To celebrate the release of Orbital 20, we’ve got 5 copies to giveaway in this week’s mega competition, plus a copy each of Orbital’s incredible ‘The Altogether’ and ‘Orbital’ albums to go with it too. An Orbital paradise if you will!!! Here’s how you can enter...

    Q. The duo that makes up Orbital are...

    A, Sisters

    B, Brothers

    C, Married

    If you know the answer to this easy question, then email, marking ORBITAL in the subject, and please include your full postal address. The winners will be announced online on Friday 19th June. Good luck!


    Hurrah, tickets to Get Loaded in the Park can now be bought in person and paid for in cash from the following HMV stores in London and the South...

    Bluewater, Brent Cross, Brighton, Bromley, Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, Croydon, Enfield, Epsom, Guildford, Hammersmith, Islington, Kingston, Leadenhall, Milton Keynes, Moorgate, Oxford, Oxford Circus, Oxford Street, Richmond, Romford, Staines, Thurrock, Trocadero, Watford, Wimbledon, Woking and Wood Green.

    Cash Tickets can also be purchased at these London outlets...

    * Phonica Records - 51 Poland Street, W1F 7HE. Tel: 020 7025 6070

    * Rokit - 101 & 107 Brick Lane, E1 6SE. Tel: 020 7375 3864
    * Rough Trade East - 'Dray Walk', Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL. Tel: 020 8801 8600

    * Stargreen - 20/21A Argyll Street, London W1F 7TT. Tel: 020 7734 8932

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    Quote Originally Posted by drama View Post
    holla this is a wicked was there b4 see you guys there cant wait hope the sun is out party on
    yes you no it mate big event see u all there

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    New to the Time Out / Dim Mak Stage are The Count & Sinden. So effortlessly cool, we simply had to add them to this year’s line-up! The guys are back with their cult midweek London party Mega Mega Mega this Thursday 18th June at Plastic People in Shoreditch with Scratch Perverts and Martelo joining them on the decks! The Count & Sinden have also been busy designing some rather essential T-shirts and guess what…? Get Loaded have got our grubby little mitts on 5 x T-shirts to giveaway in a special competition this week (one for each size - XS, S, M, L, XL!). As you’ll see from the pic, these T-shirts are seriously sexy. Ok, here’s the all important question…

    Q. How Mega is The Count & Sinden’s London club?

    A, Mega

    B, Mega Mega Mega

    C, Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega Mega

    If you know the answer to this easy question, then email, marking COUNT & SINDEN in the subject, and please include your full postal address. The winners will be announced online on Friday 26th June. Good luck!

    More info on The Count & Sinden and Mega Mega Mega go to:>



    The Hartnoll Brothers are back with a bang! After 5 years away Orbital made completely blew the roof off their sell-out shows in Brighton and Leeds, before tearing it up at Rockness at the weekend. We’ve found some brilliant footage of the duo in action from the Leeds show... and it’s given us goosebumps just watching these clips! Heaven knows what we’ll be like at Get Loaded in the Park!! Anyone lucky enough to be going to Sonar this week will catch Orbital headlining the event, otherwise have a look at these video clips below...


    [url][/url <;feature=related%5b/url> ]

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

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