Cranium Breach return with this amazing 2 track release showcasing once again why they are a force to be reckoned with in the future!

Splinter is a deep stepper with a stripped down minimalistic atmosphere. The mystical vocal brings the breakdown all the way to the drop in true style. One for the rollers who love the music deep. While on the flipside Return From Shaolin tears up the dancefloor with massive breaks and harsh bass! A true old school style anthem. Fast paced and fierce. Intro to end this one is going to tear up the dancefloor!

Skutta Presents Cranium Breach pt2
1.Cranium Breach - Splinter
2.Cranium Breach - Return to Shaolin

!OUT ON 3/2/2012!

All the team at Skutta wish you a very happy 2012, we have a free release to give away to say thanks for 2011 which you can get by CLICKING HERE

Paul D - I Didn't See That Coming (FREE)


Skutta Presents Cranium Breach pt1
1.Cranium Breach - Nightfeeder
2.Cranium Breach - Padded Cell

Filthy Skutta EP
1.Cranium Breach - Garden of Solace
2.Axon - Murky
3.LA Johnson - Midnight Train to NYC
4.LA Johnson - Midnight Train to NYC (Indi Remix)